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The LEG is a fruit machine for Learning invented by John Davitt for teachers, parents and learners. Features •120,000 lesson ideas & learning ...

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The LEG is a fruit machine for Learning invented by John Davitt for teachers, parents and learners. Features •120,000 lesson ideas & learning challenges •Subject selection for 10 curriculum areas including English,Math & Science •Unique Shake & Learn interface •Hyperlink help options for all challenges •Swipe options to flip individual cards •Email a Challenge eLearning option •Web portal to videos of past learning challenges This shake-me-up box of delights for the iPhone generates a fresh learning challenge each time it is shaken. You give the LEG (Learning Event Generator) a shake, the cards spin and you are presented with a learning challenge. Primed with over 120,000 learning challenges the LEG is an endless storehouse of delightful calls to action. The LEG also features subject selection so you can select from 10 different subjects and then challenges will be restricted to that curriculum area. The aim is to provoke thought, activity and deeper understanding all in the innocent guise of having some active-learning fun. You face a challenge and make something. People tell us what they like most about the LEG is the way it "nudges you into really doing some learning by having a task (sometimes a very challenging one) and some fun in trying to rise to the challenge, followed by delight in what has been achieved.”   UK technology writer Merlin John calls the LEG "A fruit machine for learning"     The LEG comes with built in links “Do three types of cactus as a haiku,”  might seem too tricky at first - don’t worry if you are not sure,  links to web resources will help you through the first stage of research. If you see a challenge that would suit a friend - just click on the email option and send it to them. Many of the activities are ideally suited to group work and the age range of those who can use the LEG reaches from 7 to 97.   who will use it ? People of all ages wanting to set themselves a quick bit of learning Teachers looking for a few thousand ideas Parents wanting to make learning more fun Home educators who need a few more challenging ideas.


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