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Welcome to Learning Quest – a comprehensive and distinctive set of personal development tools designed to help you plan and navigate your own learning ...

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Welcome to Learning Quest - a comprehensive and distinctive set of personal development tools designed to help you plan and navigate your own learning journey and improve your personal skills. In an increasingly demanding, competitive and complex world of work, Learning Quest aims to provide you with a wide range of easily accessible materials to guide you in applying the right skills and techniques to a range of commonly encountered situations. By bringing an extensive library of resources direct to your iPad, we aim to ensure that you are readily equipped to deal with the many challenges faced in working with, and leading others in the workplace. We anticipate that Learning Quest will appeal to, and benefit: - Individuals who are just starting out in their working careers and who wish to understand some of the basic skills of being personally more effective at work. - Individuals who have the aspiration to lead and manage people in the future and want to prepare themselves for such roles. - New team leaders and managers who want to quickly acquaint themselves with some of the most important skills in order to successfully achieve results through people. - Busy, experienced business leaders who quickly want to remind themselves of the specific skills and techniques of leading others; perhaps when about to deal with a particularly challenging leadership issue. Learning Quest has been designed by Learning Compass Ltd (www.learning-compass.com), a leading provider of learning and development solutions to individuals and organisations across the world. With over 30 years of experience as consultants and practitioners, we have taken our collective knowledge and insight of the learning challenges faced by individuals in today’s world of work and distilled this information down into a range of very practical and accessible materials. Amongst the important and distinctive features contained in Learning Quest are: - Learning Journey - a free and comprehensive personal self-assessment questionnaire allowing you to identify what is most important to you in the next stages of your personal learning journey. The Learning Journey questionnaire allows you to record your responses and revisit them periodically as your aspirations evolve and change. - Skill Questionnaires - a range of free individual questionnaires that encourages you to explore how effective you think you are in a number of important skill areas. On completion of each questionnaire, you will be provided with a scoreboard of your results indicating where you are already very strong or where you might need to improve. You will then be guided to downloadable materials available elsewhere in the application. - Compass Points - this is the name we give to a range of materials available for you to purchase and download to your iPad aimed at helping you to learn, improve and refresh your skills and techniques in over 60 different areas of capability. The Compass Points are organised into three distinctive areas: 1. Leadership Development - critical skills and techniques to help you lead and manage others effectively. 2. Team Development - critical skills and techniques to help you work more effectively in teams. 3. Personal Development - critical skills and techniques to help you be more personally effective in your relationships and dealings with others. Best wishes as you embark upon your personal learning journey.


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