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♥♥♥ Recipient of Appysmarts Editor's Favorite Badge - Appysmarts.com ♥♥♥ ............... #1 in Top 5 Apps of the Week @iHeartThisApp.com (25 Feb - 3 Mar 2012) ............... #2 in Games>Educational>New section in iTunes (SG)(is/was) ............... Featured in Games>Educational>What's Hot>See All section in iTunes (SG)(is/was) This is the DELUXE version which is ad-free and will receive more periodic content updates! Thank you for your support. Learn and have fun with animals from Little Learning Tots! Listen to the lion roar, the monkey chuckle and the elephant trumpet! Have fun colouring the animals and creating your own colourful creatures! Video (from iPad version): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy3p370VsrM ================= ACTIVITY 1: Flash Cards ================= ● Lion ● Monkey ● Panda ● Ostrich ● Elephant ● Giraffe ● Horse ● Crocodile ● Chicken ● Bear ● Cow  ● Parrot ● Dog ● Tiger ● Cat ====================== ACTIVITY 2: Animals and shapes ====================== ● Lion ● Monkey ● Panda ● Ostrich =========================== ACTIVITY 3: Animals colouring activities =========================== ● Lion ● Monkey ● Panda ● Ostrich ● Giraffe ● Crocodile ... watch out for more animals in future updates! ============ Educational value ============ The animal themed activities and flash cards help little ones familiarise themselves with common animals. In the Animals Flash Cards activity, children will encounter animals and hear the sound made by the animals. What noise does a panda, giraffe and ostrich make? In the Animals & Shapes activity, children will learn to match the shapes found on the animals. For young children, this also provides for drag and drop practice on the iPad. In the Animals & Colours activity, children will learn the colours found on animals. They can also utilise the interactive colour palette to give the animals their own colours. Children will have fun creating their own colourful panda, giraffe and lion! ========= More from us ========= Visit www.littlelearningtots.com for more educational apps and resources! Other great educational games by Pixel Interactive: - Fido Goes Places DX (iPad) - Learn to Count (iPad and iPhone) - My 1st Songs Collection (iPad and iPhone) - Counting Numbers 123 (iPad and iPhone) - Alphabet Jumbled (iPad)


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