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這是一款面向小朋友çš„學英文工具,遊戲畫面卡通精美,功能包括傳統學英文和猜字謎兩部分,學英文部份通過書寫、讀音、字卡圖片等方式使小朋友學ç¿’更輕鬆、更有趣。猜字謎模塊增加遊戲çš„可玩性和挑戰性,使該遊戲成為小朋友愛不釋手çš„學ç¿’工具。 --------------------------- It ...

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這是一款面向小朋友çš„學英文工具,遊戲畫面卡通精美,功能包括傳統學英文和猜字謎兩部分,學英文部份通過書寫、讀音、字卡圖片等方式使小朋友學ç¿’更輕鬆、更有趣。猜字謎模塊增加遊戲çš„可玩性和挑戰性,使該遊戲成為小朋友愛不釋手çš„學ç¿’工具。 --------------------------- It is Learning English tool for kids,it's style is cartoon and fancy,the function includes learning english and puzzle ,the part of learning english via writing 、pronunciation and word picture implement learning more easy and funny .The accession of puzzle makes the game more funny and challenging ,so it will be the fondle admiringly learning tool for kids.


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