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***Price lowered from $7.99 to $2.99 for limited time!*** Shopping for office space? Lease-O-Matic is a commercial office space leasing calculator and ...

Discontinued App


***Price lowered from $7.99 to $2.99 for limited time!*** Shopping for office space? Lease-O-Matic is a commercial office space leasing calculator and negotiation tool. Lease-O-Matic allows you to quickly and easily distill the myriad numbers associated with a commercial office lease into usable information. How much space do you need? Lease-O-Matic provides a Space Calculator that helps you determine the amount of space required for your business based on industry norms. How much will I pay per month? Lease-O-Matic’s Lease Basics calculator can calculate the “Rentable Area” from the “Usable Area” and “Load Factor”, and then calculate your monthly lease payment as well as the total annual cost. Lease-O-Matic also calculates $/Usable Square Foot so it easy to compare the real cost of multiple office space options. What about the build out? Lease-O-Matic will help you translate the landlord’s “Build Out Allowance” into total dollars and then calculate the portion of the build out that you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. How does the lease term affect my costs? One of the most innovate features of Lease-O-Matic is the Negotiation Calculator. Need a lower monthly payment? With one touch you can estimate the change in your monthly lease payment by adding a year or two to your lease. Want a higher Build-Out Allowance? Quickly calculate how much additional build out allowance you should expect by extending your lease. Unfamiliar with some of the leasing vernacular? No problem. Lease-O-Matic comes equipped with one-touch field definitions for each and every entered and calculated field. But wait, there’s more... Lease-O-Matic comes with it’s own built-in file manager so that you can save the details of every property you consider. The Info Page allows you to record the address and notes about each space. From the File List page, you can see the names and associated costs of each of your options. Easily recall and/or adjust the details for each property. It’s an indispensable tool when shopping for a new home for your growing business! While Lease-O-Matic was designed for potential tenants, it is just as useful for brokers and leasing agents. How much will this cost me per month? What if I added another 1,500 square feet? How much will the build out cost me? What about a 5 year lease? Quickly run the numbers with confidence. Much easier and faster than the old HP 12C!


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