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Legend: The Labours of Heracles

TEXT IN ENGLISH ONLY Discover the animated graphic novel of 'Legend '. Another great digital comic, animated by Ave!Comics. Their first mistake was ...

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TEXT IN ENGLISH ONLY Discover the animated graphic novel of 'Legend '. Another great digital comic, animated by Ave!Comics. Their first mistake was to assume he would give up… Heracles has it all: a beautiful home, a loving family, and a reputation as a great soldier who would stop at nothing to defend his homeland. Then his origin brings him into the centre of a vicious plot, where he is hypnotised into committing the worst crime of all. Devastated by his actions, he wanders aimlessly, immersed in depression. He finally finds some solace in the fact that he can atone for his sins by completing ten impossible tasks. Where other men would give up and consider themselves defeated, Heracles uses his courage, strength and intellect to take up the tasks one by one. Will he succeed? Or has destiny other plans for him... This version of the digital comic uses a special animation of the scenes that lets you dive like never before in a comic on your iPhone. Try it and be amazed ! With Ave!Comics, reading on the go is '100% pleasure' at any time, anywhere. Legend: The Labours of Heracles by Ryan Foley,Sankha Banerjee & Ajo Kurian (C) Campfire 90 pages | 390 panels | colors ABOUT THE AVE!COMICS GRAPHIC NOVEL READER The Ave!Comics reader uses a new format, named AVE, to describe a digital comic or graphic novel. This rich format allows the creation of digital paths through the original art, combining animations, transitions, automatic zooms to ensure the best reading experience on a variety of handheld devices. This version of the reader is specifically designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. More information on Ave!Comics can be found on ave-comics.com Features include: - animated digital version of the complete comic book - A revolutionary reading experience using kinematics that create an animated path through the stories. - Exploration mode to dive into each panel, zoom and pan. - Easy and intuitive navigation between pages and panels. - Full support for multi-touch, swipe, landscape mode. - page mode to display the original layout of the comic book


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 54.17 MB


Price: $ 4.39

Developed by Ave!Comics Production

Day of release: 2010-11-6

Recommended age: 9+

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