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Leisure Pro Dive Computers is a free application that allows users to view their scuba diving computer in action on their mobile device. It provides a ...

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Leisure Pro Dive Computers is a free application that allows users to view their scuba diving computer in action on their mobile device. It provides a way to thoroughly learn the operation of a dive computer in an exciting and interactive way. In addition to its class setting, DiveComputerTraining is also a mobile reference if something is forgotten while on the go. This App includes two main features: native access to our online classes for model-specific dive computers and the new iDive Computer simulator. Each DiveComputerTraining class is organized based on progressive learning and as such the user is recommended to follow the modules and sections in sequence. At the same time, the interactive organization of the class allows student to directly access a specific section for easier reference. A typical class will introduce the user to the dive computer, explain its indicators, review the settings step by step, show what to expect while underwater, and cover unexpected situations. Upon completion of the class, divers will feel more confident with their increased knowledge of their dive computer! The iDive Computer feature of this App transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into a model-specific dive computer. Thanks to our virtual depth sensor you can interact with your iPhone/iPod with simple hand movements and make it descend or ascend in the water column and so create your own dive profile. Tap the compartments icon and see the nitrogen intake and release of your body. And at the end of the dive, tap on the log icon to see a summary of your dive. This App comes with a non branded dive computer, but you can customize it by purchasing, via inApp, simulations for model-specific dive computers of major brands such as Aeris, Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, ScubaPro, SubGear, Suunto and Tusa. This App runs - in real time - our implementation of the Buhlmann ZH-L16C algorithm (moderate conservatism setting) and supports the most typical dive screens such as: surface, normal diving, entering deco, deco stop, deco violation, fast ascent alarm and post dive. If you are a dive professional this is the perfect App to show a model-specific dive computer in action to your customers and/or students. If you are a diver, this is the perfect App to refresh your skills before the dive season resumes, or in-between dive trips. This version supports simulations for the following model-specific dive computers: Aeris: A300 AI, Atmos AI, Elite T3, Epic, Manta, XR-1, XR-1 Nx and XR-2 Cressi: Leonardo Mares: Puck Oceanic: Atom 2, Atom 3.0, B.U.D., Geo, Geo 2.0, OC1, OC1-LE, OCS, Pro Plus 2, Veo 1.0, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0, Veo 100, Veo 180Nx, Veo 250, VT3 and VT4 ScubaPro: Aladin 2G and Galileo Sol SubGear: XP10 Suunto: Cobra1, Cobra3, D4, D6, D9, Gekko, Vyper, Vyper Air and Zoop Tusa: Zen


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.2

Size: 13.03 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by DiveNav, Inc.

Day of release: 2011-08-9

Recommended age: 4+

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