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***** “LEOPARD GECKO PRO" is a photographic reference guide to the genetic morphs of leopard geckos by the world`s leading authority on this ...

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***** “LEOPARD GECKO PRO" is a photographic reference guide to the genetic morphs of leopard geckos by the world’s leading authority on this fascinating and diverse species of lizard. ***** FEATURING "Overview of Leopard Gecko Morph Genetics" chapter. Morph Photo Galleries: · Easy access to three pictorial sections with index and convenient ‘jump links’ to every category. · Over 130 color photos of leopard geckos from A-Z with captions. · Photos of new discoveries offered for the first time. ***** FREE Updates for life. This app platform will make it possible to add photos and update captions timelier when new information and recent discoveries occur. ***** LEOPARD GECKO PRO is a must for the person that wishes to discover the magic that this gecko has offered tens of thousands of followers worldwide. ***** Please note: 1) It may take over 20 minutes for this many photos to download within the App depending on your reception location and broadband speed. This is normal activity. No need to cancel the purchase or voice concern should you not see all the photos in place right away. It just takes time initially. 2) It was not practical or my intention to show every possible genetic combination for each of the three Albino lines.


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