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Les Giblin`s tips and techniques on How to Skillfully: - Ask for a Raise - Influence People - Convince People - Interview for a Job - Give ...

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Les Giblin’s tips and techniques on How to Skillfully: - Ask for a Raise - Influence People - Convince People - Interview for a Job - Give a Public Talk - Address a Difference of Opinion - Meet New People - Get to Know Someone - Start a Conversation - Motivate Your Team - Influence Others As well as advice on how to successfully: - Talk to People - Listen to People - Make a Good Impression - Make People Feel Important - Agree with People - Give Employee Reviews - Praise, Critique and Thank People Do you have skill with people? Put Les Giblin’s classic guide to career success, a better social life and improved family life at your fingertips. This app is based on Les Giblin's classic book Skill With People. Described as "the most wisdom in the least words", Skill With People has sold over 2 Million copies and has been translated into 20 languages. This how-to guide gives you quick access to common sense tips and techniques that will help you meet new people, close the deal, or dazzle the crowd. Answer 10 questions to find out if you are people smart. Then scroll through the skills that you need to build on. Have a specific challenge you need advice on? Go to Real Life Challenges to find out how to ace the job interview or make small talk at your cousin’s wedding. Make the most out of your personal connections as taught by the master of people and sales skills. Learn to communicate with impact; influence with certainty; and listen with sensitivity. Additional Features: - Links with your mobile device’s calendar function to set reminders for tips techniques you want to have easy-access to before your next big meeting. - Daily quotes from Les Giblin to keep you focused and inspired.


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