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Improve your tennis with free, expert tennis instruction from Essential Tennis! A leader in online tennis instruction since 2008, Essential Tennis offers ...

Discontinued App


Improve your tennis with free, expert tennis instruction from Essential Tennis! A leader in online tennis instruction since 2008, Essential Tennis offers more free lessons than anywhere else on the internet and now you can get it all directly to your phone updated automatically as it’s released! - Add more power and spin to your serve - Learn how to hit topspin on your forehand and backhand - Strategize like the pros in singles and doubles - Become more mentally tough - Improve your fitness and conditioning - Watch amazing super slow motion footage of top pro players - Game changing instruction and advice wherever you go! Within the Essential Tennis App you’ll receive two main types of tennis lessons: audio podcasts and videos. The Essential Tennis Podcast was the first audio tennis instruction podcast in the world and still leads the way with over 200 episodes and counting. Within this regularly updated show you’ll hear Ian Westermann answer questions from listeners that cover topics such as: - Racquet and string choices for different levels of play - Mental toughness with expert guests - Singles and Doubles strategy and tactics - Tennis specific fitness and conditioning - How to improve stroke technique on - Much more! Essential Tennis is also a worldwide leader in tennis instruction video lessons and has over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. You’ll receive each and every video posted so you won’t miss a thing as Ian Westermann shows you how to improve step by step in areas such as: - Forehand and backhand technique improvements - Serve technique improvements - Pro footage analysis featuring Roger Federer and other top pros - How to hit a kick serve - Split step and other footwork topics - Insights on how the pros practice - Much more! Within this app you’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for an absolutely free serve technique video course that covers the 5 main parts of any good motion: - Grip and Stance - Trophy Pose - Racquet Drop - Contact - Follow Through Watch as Ian Westermann analyzes the motions of top professional players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and others. Not only will you learn exactly what these players do to hit such amazingly effective serves but Ian will also teach you what (and what not) to copy about their technique. This 5 video lesson course is completely free with you register with your e-mail address directly inside the app! The interface for this app is incredibly easy and will allow you to keep tabs with exactly what’s being published at Essential Tennis right as it happens. You’ll be able to chose between video lesson and audio podcast sections, then browse through all of the most recent postings. From there you can choose which video lesson you’d like to watch or which audio podcast you’d like to listen to and you can consume both from directly inside the app! This isn’t a chopped up “iPhone version” of the full website, it’s actually all of Ian Westermann’s audio and video tennis lessons directly inside an iPhone app for maximum convenience. More and more people are learning about tennis and getting tennis lessons from the internet. With the Essential Tennis app you’ll have hundreds of hours of free instruction right at your fingertips, wherever you go! If you have any questions or problems with this app at all please feel free to contact Ian at any time. Thank you so much for your support of Essential Tennis by downloading this app and if you enjoy it please use the Facebook and Twitter buttons inside of it to tell your tennis friends about it!


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