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Lessons in XCode Part II

This application is your second step for learning iPhone/iPad programming with Xcode because it contains: ***** A TOTAL of 87 LESSONS in Xcode across ...

Discontinued App


This application is your second step for learning iPhone/iPad programming with Xcode because it contains: ***** A TOTAL of 87 LESSONS in Xcode across 5 LEVELS with 86 'FEEL & TOUCH' examples **** You are here because you made a choice, and that choice is to learn how to develop applications for iPhone and iPad, and our goal is to help you. This tutorial contains a series of lessons with different levels of difficulty. We will take you one step up the ladder in each lesson. Lessons include the code itself, an explanation of its functionalities. It also includes one more element that we believed to be of high importance and that is the "Touch and Feel" examples. These examples are the real out comes of different lessons, in-which you can touch, push, listen, interact with them as if you have already built your own project. Its meant to enhance the learning process. Developing an application is easy, yet developing a great application is the goal. You will be going through a natural learning curve in-which you will sometimes feel frustrated, don't be, every developer has been there at some point, and the ones who made it are the ones who kept going forward. The topics included are: (Level I) - AlertView Location - AlertView TextInput - AlertView SecureInput - AlertView Login - AlertView SmartLogin - Custom AlertView - Gestures Regular - Gestures Better - Gestures & Sound - Gestures Velocity - Custom Swipe - Drawing App 1 - Drawing App 2 - Drawing App 3 - Drawing App 4 - Drawing App 5 - Drawing App 6 (Level II) - Slider Animation - Better Slider Animation - Slider Styling - Slider Game - Vertical Slider - Cool Slider Timer - Slider Continuous - IBOutletCollection - Randoms - Randoms Sprite - Randoms Sprite in time - Randoms Cleaning - Randoms more types - View Animation Blocks - Randoms Sprite Animation - Randoms Sprite Score - Randoms Sprite Life (Level III) - Core Animation Introduction - CALayer - Implicit & Explicit - Opacity & Corner Radius - Borders - Shadow - Anchor Point - Contents - CABasicAnimation - ContentsRect - CATransaction Disable - Contents Gravity - CABasicAnimation Position - CABasicAnimation Position Fix - Timing Function (Level IV) - functionWithControlPoints - Autoreverses - Z Rotation - Rotation Anchor Point - Rotation Anchor Point 2 - Rotation Multiplied - Rotation X Y Z - transform Scale - Scaling Fix - Scaling forward - Animation Delegate - CAAnimationGroup - Motion Y - CAKeyframeAnimation - Rotation Mode - Values & Key Times (Level V) - CAShapeLayer - CAShapeLayer Path Anim - Double Path Animation - Layer Sublayer - Sublayer Showoff - Sublayer Deep - Sublayer Deep & Animation - Sublayer Multiple Animation - masksToBounds - insertSublayer: above: - CAGradientLayer 1 - CAGradientLayer 2 - Reflection Mask - CATransform3DMakeRotation - Cumulative - 3DMakeRotation x,y,z - CATransform3DMakeScale - CATransform3DMakeTranslation - Bounce - Masks - CATransition type - CATransition subtype


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 12.42 MB


Price: 8,10 €

Developed by Maher Zidan

Day of release: 2011-09-30

Recommended age: 4+

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