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Lessons in Xcode SpriteKit

Have you ever dreamt about creating your own game? You just made it to the first step. This application is a great starting point for learning iPhone ...

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Have you ever dreamt about creating your own game? You just made it to the first step. This application is a great starting point for learning iPhone & iPad game development with the powerful SpriteKit because it contains: ***** A Total of 47 Lessons in SpriteKit across 5 Chapters including 46 'Feel & Touch' examples ****** This tutorial contains a series of lessons which will take you one step up the ladder in each lesson. Lessons include the code itself, an explanation of its functionalities. It also includes one more element that we believed to be of high importance and that is the "Touch and Feel" examples. These examples are the real out comes of different lessons, in-which you can touch, push, listen, and interact with them as if you have already built your own project. It’s meant to enhance the learning process. This is a living application that will evolve with time; more updates, lessons and examples will be added in the future. The topics included are: Chapter I: - SKView - backGround - scaleMode - SKLabelNode - addChild with touchesBegan - addChild in specific location - childNodeWithName Chapter II: - SKAction - moveByX:y:duration - moveToX:duration - moveToY:duration - moveTo:duration - followPath:duration - followPath:asOffset:orientToPath:duration - rotateByAngle:duration - rotateToAngle:duration - rotateToAngle:duration:shortestUnitArc - playSoundFileNamed:waitForCompletion Chapter III: - sequence - scaleBy - scaleTo - scaleXBy - scaleXTo:y - scaleXTo - scaleYTo - fadeIn - fadeOut - fadeAlphaBy - fadeAlphaTo -resizeByWidth:height - resizeToHeight - resizeToWidth - resizeToWidth:height - removeFromParent - reveresedAction - waitForDuration - waitForDuration:withRange - repeatActionForever - repeatAction:count: - group Chapter IV: - spriteNodeWithImageNamed - spriteNodeWithColor:size - SKTexture - textureWithImageNamed - spriteNodeWithTexture - SKTextureAtlas - atlasNamed - animateWithTextures - Mix Down: Flying Bird - Node to Node : Crazy Eyes - Node to Node : Colourful Crazy Eyes - SKShapeNode - path - lineWidth - fillColor - storkeColor - glowWidth - SKPhysicsBody - bodyWithRectangleOfSize - usesPercesionCollisionDetection - enumeratechildNodesWithName - performSelector:onTarget - bodyWithCircleOfRadius Chapter V: - SKVideoNode - videoNodeWithVideoFileNamed - play - Follow animations - bodyWithEdgeLoopFromRect - restitution - Mixdown: Physics - convertPointFromView - convertPoint:toView - convertPoint:toNode - convertPoint:fromNode - bodyWithCircleOfRadius vs Node Radius - bodyWithEdgeFromPoint:toPoint - affectedByGravity - friction - angularDamping - setVelocity


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