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Lets Talk Following Instructions for iPhone

Lets Talk for iPhone:Following Instructions is a motivating interactive game designed to develop your child`s language skills, including attention ...

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Lets Talk for iPhone:Following Instructions is a motivating interactive game designed to develop your child’s language skills, including attention and listening skills, understanding and vocabulary. Your child will learn to wait, listen and respond to simple instructions and our Jelly Monster friend, Moe, will be on hand to encourage you child along the way! Lets Talk:Following Instructions was designed by a team of experts lead by experienced speech and language therapist Elizabeth Holmes (BSc. MMedSci. and member of The Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapy). This app can be used by parents, educators and speech and language therapists. During each game play your child’s responses will be monitored. When you end the game your child’s results are displayed automatically. How does it work? Using a professionally recognised method of flashcard presentation the app presents 100’s of combinations of simple instructions containing ‘early nouns’ which your child will be asked to identify, by touch. Why does it work? While playing the game, your child will be developing the following language skills: Attention and listening: Attention and listening skills are important prerequisites for language development - poor attention can act as a bottleneck to speech development. The Lets Talk Following Instruction app develops attention and listening skills by encouraging your child to wait, listen and respond. Vocabulary: Nouns are functional, motivating and part of everyday life. They are the first words children learn. This app includes 50 recognised early nouns for your child to learn. Understanding: Improving your child's understanding of spoken language will in turn develop your child's speech. This app focuses on developing your child’s ability to follow simple instructions containing 1 main word e.g. “balloon” in the instruction “show me the balloon”. www.letstalkapps.ie Please visit our website to find out more about our app and download. Top features of our apps 50 colour, child friendly photographs of ‘early nouns’. Ability to configure the app for individual needs. Develops speech and language skills in a variety of ways. Progress monitoring. Great fun!


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