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Note: this is the iPhone version of letterPing. For the iPad version, search for letterPingHD. LetterPing helps your child learn to read and spell by ...

Discontinued App


Note: this is the iPhone version of letterPing. For the iPad version, search for letterPingHD. LetterPing helps your child learn to read and spell by using well-established phonics strategies. As an experienced teacher I have long been frustrated by the lack of structure in many phonics games. So with a background in software development I set out to produce one that would be educational, comprehensive and fun. TWO GAMES IN ONE LetterPing includes two games. In the easier game, a child listens to a word being read while it is displayed on screen with one missing letter. The object for the child is to select the correct letter out of a choice and complete the word. In the more difficult game, the child listens to a word being read and spells out the whole word by selecting letters from a range and placing them in the right position. WORDS Words are organised into four levels, each level containing numerous sets of words. The game includes a total of 1200 words, drawn from the DfE Letters and Sounds phonics framework. You can start at any level: begin at the top, dip in wherever your child needs practice or choose sounds that your child is currently working on at school. PROGRESS LetterPing automatically tracks the progress of up to 12 children. When a particular child logs back in, LetterPing will start where they left off. LEVELS The first level contains words with simple one-letter sounds (phonemes): words such as ‘cat’ or ‘fun’. It has 12 sets of 10 words. At the second level, your child will practice words with phonemes made up of more than one letter (such as ‘ch’ or ‘oi’): words such as ‘chin’ or ‘boil’. It has 22 sets of 10 words. Level three includes words in which two sounds are ‘blended’. For instance, in ’blue’ the ‘b’ and the ‘l’ blend. Other examples are ‘cream’, ‘plank’ and ‘drum’. Level three contains 34 sets of 10 words. The fourth level contains words that include different ways of spelling a particular sound. For example, the words ‘toe’ and ‘tow’ contain the same sound, but have alternative spellings. It has 24 sets of 10 words. EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS Organising words in this way for the teaching of phonics follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ framework for teaching phonics developed by the Department for Education in England and Wales. ENJOYABLE LEARNING As children work through the levels, they collect animated pets. It was great fun designing the game with the creative assistance of a group of six and seven-year olds, who produced most of the designs, recorded the words and came up with the ideas of collecting pets and celebrating each successfully-spelt word with funky music and fun animations. Many thanks to the children of Altrincham who took part in this exciting project! WEBSITE Find out more about the game and watch demos at www.letterping.com. Please send any suggestions or comments to feedback@letterping.com.


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