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Letterman: Word Transformers

THE CASE OF THE WORD TRANSFORMER Here is another game from Art Letterman. The Private "i" devised it after returning from his most dangerous mission ...

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THE CASE OF THE WORD TRANSFORMER Here is another game from Art Letterman. The Private "i" devised it after returning from his most dangerous mission where he faced his arch-nemesis, a rogue Russian scientist Andrey Bukvin. A former linguistics professor turned international criminal, Bukvin used his computer hacking skills to obtain classified information about almost every political leader in the world, storing it in his highly protected database known as the KOMPROMAT. He secured a virtual control of the world’s political elite by blackmailing some and destroying the lives of others. After almost a year of trying, Art managed to gain access to the KOMPROMAT and destroy it word by word. Because of the database's vigorous security, he only could change words letter by letter, while ensuring that they remained valid dictionary words during their transformations. Moreover, he only had a few seconds to complete each transaction. It took Mr. Letterman only 24 hours to destroy all ten terabits of the classified data! Never losing his sense of humor as well as his interest in challenges, Art transformed the words in a way that all the data obtained a completely new meaning, actually incriminating Bukvin and his cronies. Now the Word Detective wants you to go through a similar task, transforming words exactly in the same fashion he did while destroying the dreaded KOMPROMAT. ABOUT THE GAME You have to perform a transition between the two words displayed on the top of the screen within up to six steps. During each step, you can only modify a single letter of a word. Also, you can only transform into a dictionary word. But hurry, you have very little time to complete your task (the actual specific time varies depending on the complexity of the transformation). Once you have entered a valid word, press the "OK" button to go to the next step. Note that during your sixth step the only valid word should be the final word. You can always return to any previous step by pressing the "X" button. If you are not done in time, you will be given a possible answer before moving on to the next game. You can also press the "?" key to review the definition of each word. There are usually many ways of transforming words. You can choose any winning combination as long as you do not exceed six steps. EXAMPLE Transform CAT to DOG Step 1 CoT Step 2 COg Step 3 dOG ← Final word Alternatively, it can be solved as 

Step 1 bAT Step 2 BoT Step 3 dOT 
Step 4 DOg ← Final word GAME CONTROLS (BOTTOM TAB) STOP - reveals a winning combination and moves on to the next game. PAUSE - temporarily stops the timer REFRESH - starts another game SOUND ON/OFF - flips the game's sound effects STAR - allows you to review your achievements INFO - displays game information WINNING SEQUENCES AND TRANSFORMATIONS The winning sequences presented in the game are not necessarily the shortest ones, they are just a proof that the transformation is possible. If you manage to find the shorter sequence - please let us know! Also, please send us any other cool transformations you can think of. We will include them in future versions with credit to you. ENJOY THE GAME!


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Version: 1.1

Size: 1.66 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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