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Is it possible to learn Chinese with just ONE TAP? No offense but even the laziest people in the world can learn a LiFE language with little or no effort ...

Discontinued App


Is it possible to learn Chinese with just ONE TAP? No offense but even the laziest people in the world can learn a LiFE language with little or no effort at all. Oops, did I say lazy? I meant busy. Hey, we know you are busy. This one is for you. Read on... Learn Chinese in 2 easy steps: +++Step 1+++ * What to Expect: Nothing! No pressure, just pure entertainment. Simply tap at LiFE Chinese, sit back and enjoy the completely automated intuitive learning program. Watch the videos with matching images. Your lively Chinese teacher, Kara, will teach you One to One, over 100 phrases, from basic, to business, from the daily essentials to the most intimate personal phrases. * How to do it: Just one single tap. The program will start automatically if you do nothing. Observe your teacher’s full expression almost nose to nose, repeat after her and learn at your own pace. Do it once a day or whenever you feel like it. Practice with your friends, family or native Chinese speakers. Say it with confidence. * Fun Meter: It is fun from the very moment you start the app. Why, because you will be greeted by Kara warmly, or sleepily, depending on the time of the day. Then continue to be amazed by the variety of phrases you can learn from Kara, no grammar, no complicated explanations, and no silly tests. Obviously, if you do anything a hundred times you will be bored. By then however, you will be speaking those phrases fluently. +++Step 2+++ * What to Expect: Be able to say the right thing at the right time, with the right expression, with confidence. Yes!!! We have identified 100+ phrases that you can learn and use in just about any situation. The 9 chapters contain cleverly crafted phrases that are as simple as a single word, to as complicated as whatever is necessary in a tough business meeting. There are many phrases that are designed to encourage you to explore, to ask questions, and to expand your knowledge. * How to do it: Use the program interactively. Explore the chapter one at a time until you are able to speak just like Kara. Practice with captions on or off. Repeat as many times as you wish. If you are up for a challenge, you can replace the associated image with something that is more related to you. This is the only program that allows you to create a mnemonic image from 1) your photo album, 2) camera, 3) your computer, 4) from Internet, and 5) from your quick doodling. Ready for a bigger challenge? Try recording your own video of yourself or your friend who speaks Chinese, and compare with Kara’s. It is fun to explore. +++Dare to Compare+++ * ONE TAP is all you need, let the app does all the work for you * Face to face, real teacher, full-screen video, shot on HD * Specially crafted phrases designed to accommodate any situations * Learn completely offline, no need WIFI or any Internet connection * Captions on both English and Chinese, turn on/off easily * Fastest way to learn conversation when tutored by Kara * High quality image to match the phrases and the videos * Quick share lessons with friends, students, teachers * Free updates, never a fee for support +++Advanced Users+++ * Create new chapters with unlimited new lessons, automatic categorization * Add your own audio and image, learning by practicing * Add videos from built-in camera, iTunes, online, or user’s library * Write notes in plain text or doodle your annotations, enhance memory * In-App 20-page Comprehensive User’s Guide , 24/7 Email Support


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 169.16 MB


Price: 6,53 €

Developed by 1to1class.com

Day of release: 2011-06-14

Recommended age: 4+

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