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Licking Letters

It's winter in Hoppy's pond - come on in and check out the snowy scenery! Jump into the pond and help your lovable friend, Hoppy the Frog, lick letters ...

Discontinued App


It's winter in Hoppy's pond - come on in and check out the snowy scenery! Jump into the pond and help your lovable friend, Hoppy the Frog, lick letters to spell words! Your child will have a blast with this exciting and fun spelling adventure! (Ages 2-6) - FANTASTIC WEBSITE REVIEWS "It's simple for a five year old to play by themselves and it's a great educational game -- what more can a parent ask for!" BrightHub.com "We Highly Recommend Licking Letters" SmartAppsForKids.com "This App is Very Appealing and a Lot of Fun" BestAppsForKids.com "Innovative, Fun and Educational" FunEducationalApps.com "A Great Educational Application for Children" Product-Reviews.net Overall Best Spelling Game vs Super Why and Build a Word Express BrightHub.com Top Ten Spelling App ReadingRockets.org - TEACHES SPELLING AND WORD RECOGNITION Each word is shown and spelled out before each round of play. There are a total of 150 words to spell starting with 3 letters, then gradually moving up to 5 letter words. (With an option to spell words with letters in or out of order) - FOR CHILDREN AGES 2-6 Game difficulty automatically adjusts based on your child's skill level! Game starts with flying letters that are part of each word, then as your child gains confidence, new letters are added that aren't part of the word. - NO NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT Simple responses from Hoppy like, "Uh Oh" "Oops" if your child licks an incorrect letter. - AWESOME REWARDS Each correctly spelled word will earn your child Leapin' Loot. Use Leapin' Loot to collect fun outfits for Hoppy! - EXCITING MINI GAMES Every 3 words spelled will reward your child with an action packed mini game! 4 different mini games break up the spelling action and give your child an opportunity to earn more loot! - INTERACTIVE HELP SYSTEM Hoppy the Frog is always there to help out with tips on how to play. - FUN LEARNING Licking Letters is an action game with the benefit of learning to read! Kids have so much fun playing that they don't even realize they are learning! - GREAT FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Educational discount available! Up to 3 children can save their progress. Delete and add new users! Licking Letters is used in classrooms around the world! - KID TESTED Also great for children with special needs! - SAFE No Advertising, No In-App Purchases, No Data Mining, No Review Requests! - THANKS Thank your for your support in helping children learn in a fun new way! For videos and more information visit: www.LickingLetters.com Join Hoppy on Facebook! www.Facebook.com/LickingLetters


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