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Life NCLEX 2013 Q&A Prep Complete Edition

***NEW*** Over 4000 questions that include rationale and strategy for every question! Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach in a perfect weather, or ...

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***NEW*** Over 4000 questions that include rationale and strategy for every question! Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach in a perfect weather, or perhaps you are fishing off your favorite spot. Feels nice, doesn't it? Well, OK, welcome back to reality, you have a test coming up! What if you could do those things you enjoy doing and still get an "A" on that test? Sounds unreal? Well, read on! For a price of a sandwich, we will provide you with a solid content and freedom to study wherever you are, even if you are away from your computer and the Internet. You have studied hard and you deserve some freedom! Prepare for your NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-LPN State Board examination by learning way over 4000 questions from palm of your hand. The questions are taken from the real State Board exams and are exactly what you need to pass it. Below are the sections covered in Volume 01 of RN or LPN test preparation: 1) Psychological Health 2) Fundamental Skills 3) Vision 4) Pharmacology 5) Heart and Circulation 6) Child Health 7) Health Evaluation 8) Immune Systems 9) Hearing 10) Integumentary 11) Musculo-Skeletal 12) Gastrointestinal 13) Respiration Systems 14) Nurturing and Maternity 15) Emergency Procedures 16) Management We know that students like you have more than one way to learn. Therefore, we have designed the application with that in mind. In our Learning Center you may browse and search all of questions by categories in the flash card mode or study by randomly answering questions from different categories. If rationale is needed, just click on the right answer to see more details. When you feel that you are ready you can test yourself with a short 30 question quiz or take an exam-like simulation. The simulation is using similar to the state board exam techniques to grade your test, so it may stop at question #75 or may run as far as 265 questions. Any question on the test or a quiz can be added to favorites and then reviewed later. What’s more, tests and quizzes can be done for specific categories to strengthen your weaker areas. Tests are saved automatically, so no worries, you can stop and load it next time. Also, completed tests can be reviewed. We are adding more cool features to our apps. They will include statistics, translations and definitions. Soon the update will be available. Please visit www.FlawlessSoft.com for more information. Good luck on your test!!! Feel free to email or call us, if there are any questions or suggestions.


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