Let's change the overloaded days full of things you "must do"! This application is used by professional coaches, but it can easily be used by us. Try ...

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Let's change the overloaded days full of things you "must do"! This application is used by professional coaches, but it can easily be used by us. Try using it for 10 minutes every week, and your life will change for the better. This app brings out the sense of well-being, fulfillment, growth from you. Recommended to: •People whose work and private lives are unbalanced. •People who feels uncertain about their lives. •People who do not feel specifically happy or fulfilled. •People who don't know what to do with life. If it rings bell, please try downloading. What is Life Chart? A Life Chart is a self coaching tool used by many professional coaches. It is very easy to use but very profound. It is completely free, and available to everyone with an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. How to use There are 8 sliders on the opening screen. These represent the 8 fields of the things that compose your life (education and growth, interests and entertainment, living environment, work, health, money, relationships, family and loved one. Step 1 If complete satisfaction was 10 points, how much would you score? Move the slides with your fingers and check it out for yourself. The point is not to think too much. Step 2 When you finished moving the slides, press the Chart Button. The life scores will appear as graphs in a radar chart. Now look closely at the scores. Step 3 There will be no effects just by finishing part two. The important part is from here. Write out the answer to the coaching question below while seeing the graph. It is recommended to write using the e-mail system of Life Chart. You could also write with paper. The required time will be 10 minutes. •First of all, what do you feel at this point? Try writing out the things you have noticed. •Which fields were you most concerned? Which fields do you want to improve? •Think of why it become the scores now. It's all right if the scores are low. What are the things in that field you can already do? Make a list of them all. •See the list and accept the things that you was able to already. •Three months later, how many points would you like to score? •What do you think would happen if you scored full points? •How would you feel if you were to score 10 points? Write down your feelings. •What are the steps you need to take to boost your score? Write down the steps specifically. •If you were to score a little higher, what are the things you can do instantly? It is all right if those things are small. Step 4 Take action. Perform. Step 5 Perform again at the same time every week. The point is not to rush and be greedy. Enjoy your points rise little by little. Useful functions: •Radar charts saving system This app can save your radar chart images in your camera roll. You can leave behind past charts, and attach them on a mail, for example. •Mailing This is a function to transmit a picture of a radar chart by e-mail. If your clients use Life Chart, who is at a remote place, You can have them send a picture of their radar chart to you easily. You can send the text of coaching to yourself and record them regularly. •Facebook sharing You can share your Life Chart on Facebook. You might get hints or some advice from everyone, about fields you want to improve. You can also limit the information. (This can only be used form iOS 6) •Notification The app can inform you daily at the chosen time. You won't forget your self-check with this function. Message from Hokutie Apps Thank you for reading until the end. If a Life Chart helped you to live your own life, we are very glad. Please let us know, if you felt changes on your life by using Life Chart. We were able to release the Life Chart with many people's cooperation. We would like to thank all the people who have helped on building this wonderful application. Special thanks to Sayama Ayako, Lee Hyong seok, and Liu Chenggang for translation.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.4

Size: 1.52 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Hokuto Mochizuki

Day of release: 2013-08-16

Recommended age: 4+

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