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LightValet is the most comprehensive and easy to use lighting control solution in the world today. LightValet is designed and developed from the ground ...

Discontinued App


LightValet is the most comprehensive and easy to use lighting control solution in the world today. LightValet is designed and developed from the ground up by CharisMac Engineering to be a simple yet powerful tool for controlling and compiling energy information on lights and zones of lights. LightValet is the industry leading remote solution featuring robust security, centralized monitoring/control and usage tracking over any network. The LightValet solution is designed for entities in need of remote light management and requires configuration of a Internet connection component to function. A virtual private network (VPN) connection is required(available on most routers) on the LightValet controller side for internet support and the iPhone/iPad side in order to communicate over the internet. In house network communication does not require a VPN Connection to operate and can be configured with a local host provided IP address for connection. Multiple lighting or zone timers can be created and then a complex dimming profile incorporated internally to each timer. Timer(s) can start lights at varying dimming intensity and then through a user changeable ramp up time go to another user selected variable dimming intensity. The same timer can also ramp down through a user changeable value for each timer. LightValet may be used to manage large or small deployment of Light interface devices. LightValet iPhone/iPad support requires iOS 5.x or higher running on either iPhone or iPad. LightValet allows multiple light interface boards to securely connect to each other and create a light control network used to gain access to dimming, status and on/off timers for independent lights or groups of lights. LightValet collects valuable data metrics available from each independent light controller displays this in a graph and then it tracks and logs the data for comparison and usage over user selectable time. LightValet Solution Benefits: √ Wireless Light Networking. √ Internet control and monitoring from anywhere internet is available. √ Real time Light Interface digital data collection and graphing. √ Intelligent Alerts, Notifications & Reporting. √ Receive and view user selectable events. 
CharisMac Engineering Incorporated is a 28 year old software corporation located and founded in northern California. CharisMac controllers are part of the instrumentation and control business group of CharisMac. With one of the broadest storage software portfolios in the rotating memory sector for computer devices CharisMac has an unparalleled knowledge of managing and transferring vast amounts of data at complex speeds.To learn more about CharisMac Engineering and CEI Software and hardware products visit www.Charismac.com/instrument.


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Version: 1.04

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