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Generate new phone numbers for every occasion. No sneaky automatic billing, just pay as you go. Stop giving out your personal phone number. Each comes ...

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Generate new phone numbers for every occasion. No sneaky automatic billing, just pay as you go. Stop giving out your personal phone number. Each comes with texting, calling and voicemail. Contacts within LineUp will not appear on your real phone bill. * LineUp is free to download but you must purchase a number + minutes or texts to use it * * You can only buy, call & text US numbers. But you can do this from anywhere in the world * LineUp is quick, cheap, and private -- get new numbers when you need them, lose them when you’re done. ------------------------------- Why Do You Want a Second Number? * Privacy - Never give out your real number when you don’t want to * Protection - Protect yourself when posting on Craigslist or using online dating services * Business - Why pay a lot for a new business number? Just use LineUp on your iPhone! * Local presence - Get a phone number in any area code in the US * Fun - Find numbers by area code, location, or pattern -- 1-555-YOURNAME could be yours ------------------------------- Why LineUp? Each LineUp number has: * Texting - Send and receive texts with any US number * VoIP calling - Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using your internet connection * Phone calling - Use your phone line to make calls when you have no internet connection * Call forwarding - Forward incoming calls to another number, or answer them in the app * Options - Block all incoming calls, direct them to voicemail, or let them through * Custom Voicemail - Voicemail for each number, with separate custom greetings * Device support - Use LineUp on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with an internet connection * Worldwide support - Use LineUp to get a US number, then use it from anywhere in the world * Pricing that makes sense - numbers are renewed monthly but calling and texting credits roll over each month, do not expire, and are yours until you use them ------------------------------- Where can I use LineUp? LineUp is available worldwide, but currently only provides the ability to purchase, use, text, dial and forward to US phone numbers. IF YOU RESIDE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE AND USE A US NUMBER, but you may be limited to VoIP and texting functionality only, and you can only call or text US numbers. ------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE CERTAIN NUMBERS THAT YOU CANNOT DIAL USING THIS SERVICE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO 911, OTHER EMERGENCY NUMBERS, AND CERTAIN PREMIUM NUMBERS. FURTHER, BECAUSE THIS APP REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESS FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY, THERE MAY BE TIMES WHERE CALLS CANNOT BE COMPLETED. ------------------------------- Is my privacy really protected? Yes! When using LineUp, no one will ever know your actual phone number. However, we will comply with legal requests for your information should we receive any, so please be responsible. ------------------------------- What is the pricing structure? * We will never automatically charge you for anything * 1. Pay each month if you want to keep your number. Done with it? Just don't pay and it will automatically expire. Or delete it right away, it's up to you. 2. Purchase calling and texting credits separately. These roll-over monthly, do not expire, and are good for any of your LineUp numbers. This means you get to keep all the minutes and texts you pay for, even if you discontinue or change numbers.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.11

Size: 9.54 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by FathomWorks LLC

Day of release: 2012-07-23

Recommended age: 4+

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