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LinguaTalk English, an English learning application, is used as an objective for better listening skills in English. We developed a new type of English ...

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LinguaTalk English, an English learning application, is used as an objective for better listening skills in English. We developed a new type of English learning application based on what we want as non-English natives who live in the US. We hope that our new English leaning method will help everyone who seriously wants to improve listening capability for doing business in English, studying abroad or living in English speaking counties. This edition contains following speech: Remarks by the President on winning the Nobel Peace Prize - 5 minutes 9 seconds --------------------------------------------- Overview --------------------------------------------- LinguaTalk English is very simple and useful; it has 5-10 minutes English speech with English subtitle. The speech is divided into short sections, and you can play and pause by section with listening and reading. This application is great for learning for those people who can read English, but aren't capable of listening to it correctly because you can check to see if you heard everything right by checking the subtitles. There are many American dramas and movies that come with subtitles, but you might skip many words and phrases without comprehension because you cannot stop and/or rewind easily. Unlike those kinds of programs, LinguaTalk English works with you perfectly because it has four play modes that have different types of hearing levels. --------------------------------------------- How to use --------------------------------------------- Using LinguaTalk English is very easy. Just choose play mode and tap "play" to start. When you tap "play" again, the program will pause. If you tap "rewind", it goes back a section. If you tap "forward", it goes to the next section. While in play, the subtitles will be shown above the "play", "rewind" and "forward" buttons. To hide the subtitles, tap "hide caption"; to show the subtitles again, tap "show caption". By using the slider above the "show caption" button, you can skip from one section to another. On the right side of the slider, it shows number of sections and the length of the program. On the left side of the slider, it shows current section number and time from the beginning. Above the slider, there are 4 buttons that enables you to change four types of play modes. Here below are descriptions on each of them. 1. Continuous: Each section plays, starting from the beginning, and in order. This is useful when you want to play the whole program at once. 2. Auto Stop: It automatically stops as each section ends. After it ends, when you tap "play", the same section will once again play. If you press "rewind"/"forward", then the section will change into the section before/after the one that was being played. This mode is useful when you want to repeatedly hear the same section. 3. Auto Pause: After a section has been played, it stops as long as you set it, and when the time has passed, it plays the next section. That is, you can use the program by resting a bit after each section has been completed. You can set how much you want to stop it from the settings screen, so this is useful for to reinforce listening capability of long sentences. 4. Ruminate: As you complete each section, the program rests the amount of time the section was, and right after the stop, it moves on to the next section. This is helpful when you want to reword what you heard in each section. If it seems like you will take longer to reword the section, then you can set how long you want the pause to be in the settings screen. When you tap the "i" button on the upper-right hand side, the settings screen will appear. Any settings configured in the this screen, current play mode and caption visibility are saved when you close the application and, the next time you start it, these settings will automatically be set for you.


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