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LinguaTalk Japanese 2

Have you been looking for a super-easy tool to help you learn REAL conversational Japanese that Japanese people actually use? Look no further! Complete ...

Discontinued App


Have you been looking for a super-easy tool to help you learn REAL conversational Japanese that Japanese people actually use? Look no further! Complete with sound/subtitle/English translation, "LinguaTalk Japanese" lets you have fun learning conversational Japanese in manageable bite sizes, right on your iPhone or iPod touch. Lesson 2: Learn how to chat with a new acquaintance. [Overview] LinguaTalk Japanese has been developed as a simple Japanese learning tool to help solve common frustrations among people who are trying to learn Japanese. Do any of these sound familiar? "I'm always on the go! I don't have time to sit down and learn a new language." "I tried learning Japanese from a textbook, but I don't think I'm learning any conversations that people actually use in Japan these days." "I'm tired of using the same boring materials over and over to learn a new language." "I don't have the patience nor the discipline to take language lessons." "I'm too busy to learn a new language!" "Japanese sounds too fast for me." Here comes LinguaTalk to the rescue! Running on your iPhone or iPod touch, it offers these handy features to make your Japanese learning experience easy and fun: - Each program contains short real Japanese conversations, the right size that is not overwhelming. - It comes with 4 play modes and 4 caption modes, making it easy for you to practice. - Subtitles specifically made for English-speakers will help you when the pronunciation is tricky. - You can easily check the meaning using the translation screen. - A "Word Bank" is also provided for a quick review of commonly-used words. [How to use LinguaTalk] LinguaTalk is a very intuitive app. Follow these easy steps to get the full benefit of your LinguaTalk experience: :: AUDIO :: "Play" button: Starts/pause the program "Rewind" button: Rewinds the program, a section at a time "Forward" button: Forwards the program, a section at a time The top slider also lets you skip from section to section. The numbers on the right of the slider shows the section number and the length of the program. The numbers on the left indicates the current section number and the elapsed time. :: PLAY MODES :: Use the menu right below the program title to switch between the 4 play modes. 1. "continuous": Plays the entire program 2. "auto stop": Automatically stops at the end of each section. If you tap the "Play" button after it stops, the program will repeat the same section. If you tap the "Rewind" or "Forward" button, the next/previous section will start. 3. "auto pause": Pauses for a specified period of time before playing each section. You can control the length of the pause in the Settings screen. 4. "ruminate": Pause length is based on the length of the current section that just played. The pause multiplication factor can be changed in the Settings screen. :: SUBTITLES :: "Pronunciation": displays the pronunciation guide "Original": displays Japanese subtitles "Translation": displays English translation "Hide": hides subtitles :: SETTINGS :: Tap the "i" button on the top-right corner on your iPhone/iPod touch to access the Settings screen. Any settings configured in this screen, current play mode and caption preference will be automatically saved when you close the application.


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Version: 1.2

Size: 3.13 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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