Discontinued App


" Linkpass: An excellent tool to network at events and make sure you don't miss a VIP to your business " @hananzaz " This is worth checking out "@saidideema Linkpass ...

Discontinued App


" Linkpass: An excellent tool to network at events and make sure you don't miss a VIP to your business " @hananzaz " This is worth checking out "@saidideema Linkpass is a social business discovery app for business networking. Linkpass can help you to find the events based on your interests and to meet people you want to meet at the conferences, meetups and tradeshows. Whether you’re organizing, exhibiting at, or simply attending the event. Network Network With A Purpose. Turn Your Events Into A Goldmine Of Contacts. Leads The Platform For Mobile Lead Generation. Get Business Contacts Just By Showing Up at the Events. Analytics Get More Data On Your Customers' Preferences. Measure Your ROI And Your Audience Satisfaction. Linkpass Main Features : - Geolocalization Our mobile app displays the recommended events for You, event‘s agenda and map. Use Linkpass to find the nearest meetups, trade shows or conferences - wherever You go. - Business Matchmaking Linkpass is an ideal app for matchmaking with other professionals. Our app allows You to successfully network at the events. Our matchmaking algorithm also recommends You the best events based on Your interests. Linkpass also integrates with Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and organizers can leverage the social media to promote the business events and engage or update attendees. - QR Code Scanner Linkpass is user-friendly app that also allows You to quickly scan QR codes and store business cards on Your phone and in Your Linkpass database. This built-in powerful scanner makes Your business networking easy. This feature is excellent for collecting leads. Your new connection is saved in Linkpass and You can always share it with others. - Web Panel Analyzer Linkpass is also great for analyzing data. You can easily get quantitative and qualitative analytics about Your events. Linkpass can help You to understand Your attendees better and determine their real needs and wants. Our app also measures whether or not event speakers are popular among Your audience and You can use it to improve Your future events. And Much More. We welcome and value your feedback, please tell us more: hello@linkpass.com or via Twitter - we're @Linkpass.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4.0

Size: 7.38 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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