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Why use LISTEN-WRITE to learn a foreign language? LISTEN-WRITE is an excellent, effective, and enjoyable application for those who wish to learn reading ...

Discontinued App


Why use LISTEN-WRITE to learn a foreign language? LISTEN-WRITE is an excellent, effective, and enjoyable application for those who wish to learn reading and writing through dictation. You will have reading assignments and writing from dictation in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. The exercises are based on passages from some of the most popular classics. You will have many tools to help make your language learning effective and enjoyable. Some of the tools/functions available are as follows: dictation of text, error checking, help, repeat the exercise, and translation into your own language. By using this app you will be able to listen to the passage and analyze it, focusing on it one sentence at a time. The books and the various sentences are read by volunteers, in most cases LibriVox. Studying, hearing, and understanding the correct pronunciation of the words will help you in many different situations: preparing you for interviews, conversing on the phone or simply making your traveling experiences easier. Key functions you can perform with this dictation application: • Reading • Listening to Dictation • Error Checking • Help with Completing Sentences • Listening to Text in Your Own Language • Repetition of Phrases • Displaying Previous Sentences Other functions available with this application: My Books Function: This function allows you to review the list of the books you’ve already downloaded. Search Function: The search function allows you the flexibility to search for a single word, or a group of words, in the database of the application. The search will give you a list of all the phrases that contain the searched word(s). The speaker’s voice will read the sentence(s) in the language you choose. By clicking on the speaker icon you can hear the sentence read aloud. By clicking on the actual sentence, you can download the volume that contains the phrase. This application is totally mobile, you can use it on the train, in the office, while on vacation, or even at the park, because it can work both online and off-line. Thanks to the easy registration process, tracking your progress is effortless. The system will automatically keep track of your current location where you are reading, you can return at any time and begin where you left off. As always, your information remains confidential, you will never receive unwanted e-mail, and your information will be protected. Synchronization is fast and accurate. You can synchronize between your pc and your application quickly and effectively. Simply connect the application online and the update is automatic. If you would like to help to expand the text available, you can apply to become a volunteer. You can help by uploading interesting text, and the corresponding audio. This text must be copyright free and be in the reader’s native language. It has never been easier to practice a language, study when you want, review when necessary, learn fast – you can do all this with LISTEN-WRITE!!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 8.9 MB


Price: 4,49 €

Developed by Roberto Taglioli

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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