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Lithics and Artifacts

The largest selection of stone implements and artefacts available on any platform. Immerse yourself in the ancient world of stone tools from around the ...

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The largest selection of stone implements and artefacts available on any platform. Immerse yourself in the ancient world of stone tools from around the world and spanning 1.5 million years of human history. Each lithic is accompanied by measurements, provenance, date / MIS references and other useful notes ascertaining to the period or culture of the item. A useful reference for collectors, students and lecturers associated archaeology or palaeoanthropological studies. Sections Include: Arrowheads, Points, Axe heads, Hand Axes, Knives, Cores, Fabricators, Awls, Piercers, Bone & Antler artefacts, Pendants, Burial Goods and many other curios. Covering the Lower, Middle & Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Epipalaeolithic, Neolithic & Bronze Age periods, through a comprehensive range of tool industries & cultures. Examples included from England, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Africa, Middle East, North America, Canada and even China. An additional information section includes useful diagrams & timelines. The app features a zoom facility, allowing closer inspection of details such as retouch & sickle gloss etc. While the slide show function will allow you to view each slide in turn & offers a useful presentation tool for lectures, when connected to a big screen or projector. The unique Lithic Share feature allows app users to upload their own examples and share them with the community. For no extra cost, this further increases the database that is available to you, providing an ever increasing resource. So if you have a passion for Hand Axes, teach history, are studying for a qualification or you are just fascinated by our ancient past, you'll be sure to enjoy this extensive, private collection that has not been previously published. About The Lithic Share Project: Mission Statement. The project’s aim is simple… to provide a platform that allows the sharing of lithics & associated prehistoric artefacts from around the world. And in doing so, create an unprecedented & comprehensive resource to assist study in this field. Societies, organisations, museums and private collectors may all contribute to the database by uploading images & details. Thus granting public access to items that may otherwise have been unavailable for study. The dedicated Lithic Share area within the app, encourages community members to easily upload their collections and offers them the option of having their contributions attributed to them. The project helps safeguard the known provenance of lithics, ensuring that this valuable data remains protected, even if ownership changes. Purchasing The Lithic Share Project app, entitles lifetime membership of this ongoing, ever increasing, dedicated resource. As the project grows, members are encouraged to utilise the database for research into other aspects of human prehistory. For example, by assessing similarities between lithics from different places, we can determine patterns of trade and the transfer of knowledge between peoples. We hope you enjoy and contribute to The Lithic Share Project.


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