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Little Big World (EN Free)

website:http://fruit-rabbits.com/LBWorld/index.html ...Travel around the world with the hot air balloon! Discover seven continents for fun! ...Little ...

Discontinued App


website:http://fruit-rabbits.com/LBWorld/index.html ...Travel around the world with the hot air balloon! Discover seven continents for fun! ...Little Big World - the latest release from the original FR Preschool Prep that sold to over 30,000 global viewers! ...Preschool learning combined with educational games. ... Six main themes in total. Include story, vocabulary, brainstorming, games, coloring, and craftwork. *****What My Kids Can Learn**** Do you have any idea where American Space Launch Site locates? Why elephants in Africa can drink water without choking? What are Koalas up to on the tree all day? Travel around the world with Fruit Rabbits on their hot air balloon and find out lots of fun facts in the world. *****Six Main Themes**** ...Story... Instill common knowledge of seven continents with vivid and appealing animations and pictures to help children widen their perspective of the global village. ...Vocabulary... Increase children's vocabulary and improve their abilities of concentration, visual searching, visual discrimination and visual closure by doing manual searching. ...Brainstorming... Consists of two challenging and amusing educational games âœâ€Pull and drag Matching games of characteristic figures from seven continents which helps children strengthen the ability of form constancy. âœâ€Finish the puzzle Having fun while finishing the puzzle! Develop correct concepts of relative positions and the ability of spatial relations. ...Game... There are total 15 levels in this game, each was set in different scenes of every continent and was designed to improve the abilities of eye-hand coordination, motor control and motor planning while having fun joining the tour of worldwide delicacies and avoiding attacks from monsters with the characters on their hot air balloon. ...Coloring... Use imaginations and creativities by coloring and drawing paintings without the limitations of line arts (to improve the ability of eye-hand coordination). ...Craft... Do craftworks by hands! Follow the instructions to create lovely craftworks to improves skills of spatial relations, reasoning, and problem solving. ***** Pedia game Features***** 1.Professional educators have tailored this program for pre-school children. -To enrich children knowledge, showing interesting and varied teaching content. 2. 「Fruit Rabbits」 the lovely roles, your children like to touch & learn. -The interesting roles design that children like very much, a colorful world of learning will make learning easy, fun and interesting. 3.Hundreds of stories using animation to help children grasp new concepts and ideas 4.Thousands of interactive learning games to increase your child's knowledge. 5.Science, Geography, Mathematics, Languages, Art, Sports, Health, Psychology, and other subjects


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