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Little Ears

Designed by parents, the Little Ears app teaches and quizzes your kid about sounds of actions and objects surrounding us. With over 60 beautiful hand-crafted ...

Discontinued App


Designed by parents, the Little Ears app teaches and quizzes your kid about sounds of actions and objects surrounding us. With over 60 beautiful hand-crafted illustrations, designed by a professional children's illustrator, our app will entertain and delight all little angels playing with it. Unlike many apps for kids, Little Ears requires no pre-existing skills for using the iphone or ipad. Just start up the app and watch your little one quickly discover, tune-in and interact with barking dogs, clapping flip-flops or clinking dishes. Audio and visual stimuli working in tandem develop better sound recognition, while keeping your kid entertained. Repeating names of actions and objects upon tapping, facilitates speech and language development. For kids age: 1 - 4 yo (most fun @ ~ 2.5 yo) What's our app like? ● Simple. Simplicity was our main goal while designing the app. The Little Ears app offers no distractions, no unnecessary buttons and functions. It's a simple, yet brilliant application. Kids want to play with it as soon as they see the beautiful interface and illustrations. ● Easy to use. Little Ears features big buttons & touch areas so little fingers have no problems tapping on them. Sharp & contrast colours, clean sounds and audio prompts allow for using the app outside or in the not-ideal lighting conditions. ● Safe. We've taken your toddler's safety seriously. Little Ears does not feature TV-bright backgrounds. Soft, subtle and ambient backgrounds, controlled illumination & gentle sound levels are suitable for your little one's ears. ● Tested. We've tested Little Ears on our own kids & friends' toddlers. The user interface was fine-tuned many times, as we watched the kids interact with the app and give us feedback about what works and what doesn't. ● Validated by experts. Little Ears has been praised by child psychologists and pre-school teachers, as important aid in child education. ● Multi-stimuli. Application contains: audio (voice prompts, intro jingle, sounds), visual (illustrations and animations) and sensory output (vibration), working in sync on multiple senses and developing your kid's sound recognition abilities. ● Rewarding & motivational. Each time your little one correctly guesses the image corresponding to the played sound, soft female voice rewards it with a motivational praise. ● Fun to play. Just start up the app, watch them giggle and disappear with your ipad under the table for precious minutes. ● Crafted with love. Watching our own kids play with other great iphone / ipad apps, we've felt obliged to contribute to the community, by designing our own toddler application. Cool features of "Little Ears - Sounds for Toddlers": ● 20 themes/sets containing 3 images each. 60 stunning illustrations and matching sounds. ● Ability to replay the current sound ● 20 sound quizzes Benefits to your tyke: ● Increases vocabulary ● Greater awareness to audio and increased ability to distinguish between subtle differences in audio sensory input ● Increased recognition of sounds in daily life ● Teaches: sounds, names of objects (in English), associations between pictures and sounds Here are a few comments from our beta testers: "Best app for my little Henri" - Melanie, mom of Henri (5 yo) "I was amazed when I saw my daughter correctly tap at the snoring image. Must have been her daddy's influence" - Aga, mom of Natasha (2 yo) "Love the simplicity and the style of graphics. My kid wouldn't stop playing with L.E. Please ship more sets" - John, dad of Troy (3yo) Support for Little Ears - Sounds for Toddlers For feedback or support related queries please email support@mobiler.pl and we'll get back to you within 2 working days. Feel free to share your story & tell us how your kid liked the Little Ears app.


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