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Little Flyers: Shapes, Colors & Animals

Let your child's learning take off with our Little Flyers early learning app. With 3 fun song videos plus 3 'Tilt & Fly' games, children can sing ...

Discontinued App


Let your child's learning take off with our Little Flyers early learning app. With 3 fun song videos plus 3 'Tilt & Fly' games, children can sing and play their way to learning their colors, shapes and animal names. ***This app helps children learn their Colors, Shapes and Animal names in the ways kids like best; SINGING and PLAYING*** Learn and sing-along to these popular song videos as our little plane flies past the shapes, color or animal clouds. The Little Flyer app series is based on the popular Little Flyers YouTube video series with over 1 million views to date. When you've learnt the words in the songs, play the active 'Tilt & Fly' accelerometer games! Watch as your children steer the plane to hit the cloud with the color, animal name or shape they hear. It's so simple to play - just tilt the iPad to the left or right to make the little plane fly up or down. Be careful though, you only have three lives. Each correct answer gets you an extra star on your pilot license. Get your own Little Flyers license! Children are rewarded for their great work if they get to the end of the game and can make, show and share their own colorful Little Flyers Pilot License! Add their name, choose one of the cute characters, take your own photo or grab a picture from your album and you're ready to go. You can also post the license to Facebook, or tweet it showing how well they are doing. Share them with your friends or family - everyone loves to see how kids are progressing. Features: 3 fun animated learning song videos with our Little Flyer plane 3 'Tilt & Fly' educational accelerometer games - fly your plane through the clouds with the word you hear. Each game comes with its own Pilot License to make, show and share with friends and families! Can you get all 10 stars? Helps children learn their Animal names, Colors or Shapes in the ways kids like best - singing and playing Feedback pages show and play the words they saw and heard in the game - great for practicing too. Boosts hand-eye coordination through playing the games Brings teaching and learning early literacy and numeracy to life This app is created by Cambridge English Online Ltd, award-winning developers in partnership with Dream English Kids, 70 million YouTube song video views and counting! No Sound? Easy to fix! Some iPad users occasionally have no sound due on some apps. To fix it: - Go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: > Set to 'Mute' - Slide the Side Switch button (the small plastic button next to volume control) so that a red dot does NOT show. Make sure the audio level is turned up using the volume control button. Mute has been toggled OFF. Watch out for lots more fun apps coming soon. To keep up-to-date on our new app releases, and see our other apps, please visit: www.cambridgeenglishonline.com or visit your local App Store and search for 'Cambridge English Online'.


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