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Little Messi Dojo Yaburi

Enjoy reading! Learn watching! Such as Messi, Tevez, Cristiano Ronaldo, thoroughly explain the professional skills that attracted the world in the video! --It's ...

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Enjoy reading! Learn watching! Such as Messi, Tevez, Cristiano Ronaldo, thoroughly explain the professional skills that attracted the world in the video! --It's an ultimate soccer magazine presented to father who assists in child, leader of soccer, and "Little Messi" who aims at a professional soccer player. -- This book depicts realistically that the tutoring system of promotion large country Argentina, the appearance of the promotion site, and children learn voluntarily, and the appearance that grows up there, after the model of soccer boys in Japan that participated in the camp training of club team "Boca Juniors" active of Diego Maradona before. Moreover, it plainly explains a technical part such as passing and dribbles using the movie of "Messi" and "Tevez", by promotion director "Oscar Regenhardt" of "Boca Juniors" who raises Tevez. To say nothing of being able to enjoy it only by seeing, this magazine is full of the advice that child also understands enough, and useful tips for practice! In addition, it comes with a luxurious benefits out of this world to the soccer fan - such as "Argentina vs Portugal" friendly match after an interval of '37 when 2-top in the world "Messi" and "Cristiano Ronald" crashed as representative, and the digest animation of which takes a picture from various angles that a powerhouse Spain fights against Argentina, and the scene that they were led by super-play of the "Messi" around by the nose. How were you born in that goal? Where is different as for the player in the world? What is "Most important the one" because it goes professional?... For children who aim at the professional soccer player, and father and mother who watches there, leaders of soccer, players that it wants to become good at soccer more, and of course, the person "I love watching soccer!" It is one extremely of the presentation to all the people who love playing soccer! [ Check it out! ] Print out good play to eyes. Play and 15 carefully selected scenes in the world learnt by "Animation" If it is a scene, and it is a soccer boy from whom the world drank the breath, it thoroughly explains the play of the geniuses who should be looking absolutely from the game animation of "Argentina vs Portugal"! In addition, it advises on a technical part like passing, the dribble, the heading, and the shot, etc. by promotion director "Oscar Regenhardt" of "Boca Juniors" who raises "Tevez" using the animations such as the "Messi" and "Tevez" practicing it. [ Pick up contents ] #1: Interview to the next tenth "Pastore" to which Messi paid attention #2: Training center that brought up "Maradona" and "Tevez" #3:《movie》Loop shot from dribble & orchis that exceeds 70m of "Messi" #4:《movie》What's "URUTIMO TOKE"? Kill without fail through pass of Messi #5:《movie》 "Tactical thinking" and "Delicacy" that uses technique in adequate timing #6:《movie》 Foot back technique of "Riquelme" #7:《movie》Detailed, and fast ball touch of "Messi" [ author's introduction ] Project, production, and issue: Books tile plus Ltd. Issuer/author: Soichiro Kinoshita Editor: Yamamoto, Carlos, and A and Yasushi (WORLD ELEVEN) DEVELOPMENT: PSYCLONE CREATIVE Inc. ILLUSTRATOR: Yoko Shimakage TRANSLATION: COHTA YAMA ADVISER: Oscar Regenhardt (BOCA JUNIOURS YOUTH COACH), Diego Dicsel (TyC Sports), Miguel Villamonte (Physical trainer)


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Version: 1.1

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Price: 3,99 €

Developed by BOOK STYLE PLUS, Inc

Day of release: 2011-10-8

Recommended age: 4+

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