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Little SnowMan

★ iFoi Studio 给孩子带来快乐的阅读! ★★★来试玩网点评游戏★★★赢IPAD2做中国的苹果游戏达人HD.shiwan.com ► 故事简介: ★《小婕与小雪》是iFoi为小读者奉献的第一本快乐阅读丛书。《小婕与小雪》讲述了一个叫做小婕的小姑娘,在一场大雪后,偶然结识到自己的一位好朋友——小雪,之后两人一起度过了春夏秋冬的故事。本故事可以让小朋友理解友谊的重要,和分享的快乐。 ► ...

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★ iFoi Studio 给孩子带来快乐的阅读! ★★★来试玩网点评游戏★★★赢IPAD2做中国的苹果游戏达人HD.shiwan.com ► 故事简介: ★《小婕与小雪》是iFoi为小读者奉献的第一本快乐阅读丛书。《小婕与小雪》讲述了一个叫做小婕的小姑娘,在一场大雪后,偶然结识到自己的一位好朋友——小雪,之后两人一起度过了春夏秋冬的故事。本故事可以让小朋友理解友谊的重要,和分享的快乐。 ► 功能特点: ★ 高品质的原创插画,令小读者和家长朋友都有优质的视觉感受。 ★ 地道的英语发音和标准的普通话朗读,让阅读更简单,让小朋友更喜欢读书,并从小接触到良好的语言环境。 ★ 贴近幼儿教育的中英文双语字幕,独立显示,独立播放,使阅读产生快乐、轻松的感受。 ★ 具备自动翻页和手动翻页功能,浏览阅读更方便。 ► 联系我们: ★iFoi Studio正在努力做好每一个细节,如果您对我们的付出感到满意,欢迎加入到我们的大家庭,一起讨论,一起为孩子,为自己带来快乐的享受。 ★Email: ifoistudio@gmail.com ★ Chilling reading for kids——iFoi Studio. ►About story: ★Young Jean & Little Snow is the first book of the chilling reading series. The story is about that a young girl named Young Jean made a cute snow boy and they became best friends having good time over a year together. This one shows how important the friendship and sharing are. ►What’s special? ★ High quality pro-made pictures for kids and parents to touch the story world. ★ Original English and standard Chinese speaking to make reading easier and happier. ★ Educational words for fun and relaxing, which can be shown independently. ★ The book supports automatically reading and reading one by one. ►Contact us: ★iFoi Studio, we have been doing the best for our reading through every detail. If you wanna join the discussion, please contact us by the following. Well welcome. ★Email: ifoistudio@gmail.com


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