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Fussy eating can lead to considerable parent anxiety with reports of up to 50% of all children experiencing some form of picky eating during their early ...

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Fussy eating can lead to considerable parent anxiety with reports of up to 50% of all children experiencing some form of picky eating during their early years. This includes eating limited amounts and types of foods (particularly vegetables), being unwilling to try new foods, and having strong food likes and dislikes. Children with developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be more prone to fussy eating habits due to their insistence on routines and resistance to change as well as their heightened awareness of sensory experiences. Kids love stories and can be great visual learners, especially children with ASD, so using a story starring themselves or a family member can be a super effective way to motivate and encourage a child to try new foods. When we talk to families about what makes it hard for them to sit down and write a good story to help encourage their child to try new foods, they mostly say the time factor but it is also knowing what to write that is a major factor too. Based on this, Little Star Early Learning decided to make a story app that takes the guesswork out for families. The Trying New Foods story is already written for you - you just need to tailor it to suit your child's individual needs! Features include the ability to insert photos from your camera or album (use iPad square photo setting for best integration with pdf and visual supports-see below), edit your text, record audio, edit saved stories (up to 8 stories), and share stories in PDF format via email. With the added bonus of being able to share your story via email you can send copies to preschool or school as well as easily make photo visual supports and schedules. You can also make up to 8 stories in case you wanted to address more than one skill. The App also has its own tips section with some extra information on making changes in order to encourage your child to try new foods. We have also included some app extras on our website to help you along the way too. It is vitally important to take a positive approach using a story and the strategies in this app to food and eating as this allows children to develop healthy attitudes towards food, builds trustful relationships between parent and child when it comes to trying new foods, and helps to lower the stress levels experienced by parents surrounding mealtimes. For more information see our website


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Day of release: 2013-07-5

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