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Little Turtle´s Adventures

Korean folk tale cartoon!! “Little Turtle`s Adventure”!! ### On sale for limited time 50% off!! $1.99!! ### “Little Turtle`s Adventures”, ...

Discontinued App


Korean folk tale cartoon!! “Little Turtle’s Adventure”!! ### On sale for limited time 50% off!! $1.99!! ### “Little Turtle’s Adventures”, the first episode of “My Style Series”, a traditional fairy tale series reborn into cartoons. ... Reconfiguration of the Korean traditional fairy tale “Byeoljubujeon” into cartoon + fairytale to suit children’s perspective. ... The readers can choose what happens next in the story. (Multi-Plot Configuration) ... You can make your own page by placing the characters, backgrounds, speech bubbles and many more. About the 〈Little Turtle’s Adventures〉 ... Composed of functions to help develop children’s creativity by decorating their own page using cartoons, games and characters from the cartoons as well as backgrounds and speech bubbles. ... Configured so the readers can carry on the story by choosing different ways or through games in the midst of the story. ... On the “Sticker” page, readers can make their own cartoon page with the characters, props such as the turtle, the rabbit, the emperor and the emperor’s castle as well as writing the characters’ lines in the speech bubbles themselves. ... the readers can save the images they created on “Sticker” and show it off to their friends by sharing it on Facebook.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 94.39 MB


Price: 3,59 €

Developed by SDcommunications

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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