================================== * Interactive educational app Toddler LittleStudy English ! * The flash of the English educational apps infants enjoy ...

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================================== * Interactive educational app Toddler LittleStudy English ! * The flash of the English educational apps infants enjoy fun in English * Key Features : Story, Chat, Word, Game, Song , repeat , and familiarize yourself enjoying English . Level 1 Description *** Noma & Pangpang *** Noma from the Desert Star makes an emergency landing on the Candy Planet. He discovers a stream filled with orange juice, trees bearing candy, cookies, fruits, and ice cream. There he meets a little girl, Pangpang, and her family. Join Noma and Pangpang on this fun and exciting adventure on the Candy Planet. ***** Configuration ***** 1 Hi, I am Norma. 2 How old are you ? 3 I am hungry. 4 Look at that! 5 Where is my mouth. 6 Today is my birthday. 7 Watch out ! 8 At the playground 9 Let us clean up. 10 What color is it? 11 Can you swim? 12 See you later. Level 2 Description *** Pobi & Circus *** A baby bear, Pobi goes to a circus with his mom and dad. Amazed by the funny clown lady, lions jumping through a flaming hoop, and seals juggling balls, Pobi wishes to join the circus. With the help of his Magic Ball, he finally becomes a member of the circus. It's a story about a baby bear Pobi with his circus traveling around the towns and finding friendships. ***** Configuration ***** 1 Good morning! 2 This is my mom. 3 What do you want? 4 Birds are flying! 5 Put on the hat. 6 How's the weather? 7 Welcome to 'shape Land'. 8 Where is Pobi? 9 How much is it? 10 What day is it? 11 Turn on the light. 12 Wash your hands. Level 3 Description *** Lily's Adventures *** On a stormy day, Lily, the curious mermaid, takes on an adventure to the unknown world. Enjoy the exciting stories about Lily and her new friends she made during the trip. ***** Configuration ***** 1 My name is Lily. 2 Whales are very big. 3 What do you want to eat? 4 What's the weather like? 5 Where are you going? 6 I have a tummyache. 7 I can play the piano. 8 Lily goes to school. 9 It's time to go home . 10 Where is my bear? 11 What do you want to be? 12 Nice to see you again. Development : eflash Technology : Homepage :


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Day of release: 2013-11-15

Recommended age: 4+

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