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HappiTaps Lively Lion is your child's lovable companion! HappiTaps was featured in the NYTimes, USA Today, ABC News & more. Lively Lion is a funny, ...

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HappiTaps Lively Lion is your child's lovable companion! HappiTaps was featured in the NYTimes, USA Today, ABC News & more. Lively Lion is a funny, chatty, lovable sidekick with a great personality. He is quite versatile. He can: ✓ tell jokes ✓ sing songs ✓ teach kids about lions (among other things!) ✓ play Peek-a-boo ✓ play Rattle Kids love taking care of him. They can: ✓ feed him ✓ pet him ✓ help him sleep Lively Lion is very simple and intuitive to use. There are two ways to play with him: 1) Toddler Mode cycles automatically through the different activities. This is for smaller kids who can't yet control the menu. 2) Manual Play allows kids to choose between activities and games. TODDLER MODE Toddler Mode is an "autopilot" for the app designed for young toddlers (18+) and pre-schoolers who can't control yet direct the play flow. It switches between different activities and games automatically. It allows kids to sit back in their strollers and be taken from one activity to the next. MANUAL PLAY Kids can easily navigate the different activities and games from the activity menu. There are seven games and activities included in the free app. And more available for in-app purchase. EXPRESSIONS This is Lively LIon's companion mode. He has three settings: Calm Company, Happy Medium and Chatterbox! You can select how chatty you want him to be by tapping on the Expressions icon and then selecting one of the options. He can talk for hours! ✓ Kids can stroke his face gentlyâ€â€he likes that! ✓ Lively Lion detects movement! Turn him upside down. He enjoys doing a handstand! ✓ Shake him softly. He sometimes likes it. ✓ Swing him from the hook. ✓ Tap his nose for a fun squeaky sound. ✓ Place him face down. What? I can't see! He will also sneeze, roar, blink, look about, laugh, giggle, wink, yawn, wiggle his nose, whistle and sniff about... SLEEP MODE Lively LIon likes to play, but like kids he can also get tired. Choose this mode and lay him flat, facing up. He will fall sleep. He has a little snoring problem! Sometimes he needs gentle rubbing to help him fall asleep. RATTLE & FUN Kids love making noises and Lively Lion has just what the doctor orderedâ€â€a real rattle so they can shake up a storm! Tap the screen to add more colorful particles and shake it up! Lively Lion includes a free "Glass" theme rattle. "Wood" and "Water" themed rattles are available for in-app purchase. FEEDING TIME Lively Lion is a busy little cub and he gets hungry. This nurturing game lets kids feed him and learn about food. Mmmhh, lunch time! PEEK-A-BOO You can play "Peek-a-boo" with Lively Lion. He loves to hide behind different things. Tap the screen to uncover him. Or just tap his squeaky nose! SING ALONG Lively Lion is musical cub too! He loves to sing together with her friend Angie. Join them for a good sing-along! The free app comes with one song. You can unlock more songs as in-app purchases. STORY TIME Lively Lion is an accomplished story teller. The app includes his version of "Goldilocks & the 3 Bears." More stories are available for in-app purchase. NIGHTY NIGHT This little night-time routine helps kids get in the mood for bed. Lively Lion's guided program includes blowing a good night kiss, a rhyming bedtime story, and a gentle lullaby with sheep for counting! You can set the fadeout auto shut off timer. Nighty Night is available for $0.99 as an in-app purchase. WARNING: REMEMBER TO QUIT THE APP WHEN NOT IN USE. OTHERWISE YOUR IPHONE/IPOD WILL STAY ON AND YOUR BATTERY WILL BE DRAINED. WANT MORE? Now available for in-app purchase: â—† NIGHTY NIGHT â—† RATTLE THEMES â—† STORIES & SONGS â—† ALPHABET FUN and many more activities coming soon…! HappiTaps is a blended effort by seasoned pros from Tipitap & Infantino with a profound understanding of kids, moms, and teachers. Visit for more information.


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