Living Kabbalah System, Level 3

The Living Kabbalah System™ Level 3: Breaking the Walls Takes you to a higher level of awareness and understanding. Go beyond the intellectual practice ...

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The Living Kabbalah System™ Level 3: Breaking the Walls Takes you to a higher level of awareness and understanding. Go beyond the intellectual practice of Kabbalah to completely integrate its wisdom into your being. You will create a clear and personal connection to your spiritual guides and become a channel for the light to flow through you every day. Gain higher consciousness, connect with the true unseen reality, and control your destiny! Download the first session for FREE. The other 22 sessions of this level can be unlocked by purchasing the full app. The Living Kabbalah System by Yehuda Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre and one of the world’s leading authorities on Kabbalah, is a powerful step-by-step spiritual system. With these practical tools, audio sessions and exercises, you can overcome personal challenges and take charge of your life. This interactive 4-level program provides an intimate, one-on-one learning atmosphere to assist you with true transformation. The LKS app lets you learn anywhere, anytime you choose. Each 23-day level takes you through a life changing journey that prepares you to for increasingly elevated consciousness. In just 23 days you can: • BREAK THROUGH the barriers between yourself and the Light force of the Creator • CREATE a powerful personal connection with angels and spiritual guides • GAIN a higher level of awareness to transform your reality and the world • UNDERSTAND the Zohar as a living dimension and source of Light and wisdom • DISCOVER your direct connection to the great kabbalists of the past • EMBODY truth and integrate it into your very being • BECOME a channel for the Light to flow through you A practical step-by-step system to transform your life Session 1 — The Turning Point Session 2 — Living Zohar Session 3 — Dealing with Emptiness Session 4 — More “Anti-Solutions” Session 5 — Removing Separation Session 6 — Everything Is Good Session 7 — Global Responsibility Session 8 — Kabbalah Lineage Session 9 — Cycle of the Soul Session 10 — Karma Session 11 — Forgiveness Session 12 — Missed Opportunities Session 13 — Understanding the System Session 14 — Cosmic Windows Session 15 — Exercise Your Free Will Session 16 — Pain Session 17 — Angels & Spiritual Guides Session 18 — The Power of Truth Session 19 — We Are All Together on his Journey Session 20 — Believing versus Knowing Session 21 — Kabbalistic Sharing Session 22 — Making This Last Session 23 — The Bridge to Level 4: Concealment Take Your Life to the Next Level™ now.


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Developed by The Kabbalah Centre International

Day of release: 2013-08-28

Recommended age: 4+

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