Living Kabbalah System, Level 4

The Living Kabbalah System™ Level 4: Living Your Purpose You have come a long way and have began to transform and connect to the world in a new way. ...

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The Living Kabbalah System™ Level 4: Living Your Purpose You have come a long way and have began to transform and connect to the world in a new way. Now it is time to put all of the pieces together and begin living the life you are meant to live. The Living Kabbalah System™ Level 4: Living Your Purpose may be the final stage of LKS, but it is may only be the beginning of your life long journey as a Kabbalah student. This exciting next step prepares you to integrate what you have learned so you become a leader on the path! Download the first session for FREE. The other 22 sessions of this level can be unlocked by purchasing the full app. The Living Kabbalah System by Yehuda Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre and one of the world’s leading authorities on Kabbalah, is a powerful step-by-step spiritual system. With these practical tools, audio sessions and exercises, you can overcome personal challenges and take charge of your life. This interactive 4-level program provides an intimate, one-on-one learning atmosphere to assist you with true transformation. The LKS app lets you learn anywhere, anytime you choose. Each 23-day level takes you through a life changing journey that prepares you to for increasingly elevated consciousness. In just 23 days you will learn how to: BECOME a warrior in the fight for the Light REALIZE your greatest potential CREATE lasting, loving relationships GAIN greater insight into the teacher-student relationship CONNECT to the power of prayer INJECT certainty and consciousness into all of your actions TAKE responsibility for changing the world STAY on your path with greater strength and commitment A practical, step-by-step system to transform your life. Session 1- Welcome to Your Life Session 2- Becoming A Student Session 3- Finding Your Teacher Session 4- Plug into the System Session 5- The Illusionist Session 6- Decide to Stay in the Game Session 7- We’re All Capable of More Session 8- God is the Destination Session 9-Avoiding Doubt Session 10-Embracing Certainty Session 11-Intention, Commitment, Outcome (ICO) Session 12- Prayer Session 13- Unconditional Love for Yourself Session 14-Relationships Session 15-Your Life Partner Session 16-Two Realms Session 17-Stop Looking Backwards Session 18-Planting Seeds Session 19-Unconditional Love for God Session 20-Constant Consciousness Session 21-Sequels Session 22-Finishing the Job Session 23-It’s All About You


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Day of release: 2013-08-27

Recommended age: 4+

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