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Loch Doom, a novel by Javier González

It all starts with a pleasant school outing to ‘Loch Bloom’. Trouble arises when four friends are left behind by the rest of the group and get lost in ...

Discontinued App


It all starts with a pleasant school outing to ‘Loch Bloom’. Trouble arises when four friends are left behind by the rest of the group and get lost in the woods, in the middle of a ghastly storm. What happens? Find out by reading Loch Doom. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today! ★★★★★ Mystery, fantasy and humor “Is difficult to stop reading once you start. The story leaves you with a tremendous sense of good cheer. No wonder Disney wants to make a movie of it.” - NicholasNick. ★★★★★ The special trace “Fantastic and delicious. Write more, pls.” - Toldotoldo. Four friends arrive at a lake and take refuge inside a cabin which is closed for the season. That very same night, the friends meet the lake keeper, who sets them straight. They are not at ‘Loch Bloom’, as they thought. The foursome actually stumbled into ‘Loch Doom’ during the storm. Now, they must uncover a terrible secret and race against the clock to save a village destined for disaster and their own lives. Only they can alter the course of this fateful mystery. Loch Doom is a gripping novel by Javier Gonzalez. The author mixes together suspense, intrigue and fantasy then lightly trims it with humor for a thoroughly entertaining story that you hope will never end. Follow the characters as they discover an underwater mystery and run a race against a time that is not their own. It’s up to the four school chums to change the course of many people’s lives, including their own. Will they succeed? Can these children make life and death decisions and battle powerful forces? There’s only one way to get the answers to these questions: read Loch Doom. You’ll want to enjoy this riveting book in its entirety in one sitting but don’t worry if you can’t finish it all at once. The app gives you handy book markers to use to hold your place. Just put one on the page and you can come back and pick up where you left off, when you have more time. The Loch Doom app also offers a selection of several font sizes for more comfortable reading, lets you quickly switch between all the pages, and tells you a little about the author. It’s almost like having a print book with you but much more portable and convenient. With this application, you can even watch the exciting book trailer, access the web and Facebook or Twitter the author, Javier Gonzalez. Imagine rubbing social networking elbows with the man who wrote this spine-tingling tale! Not only do you get a fabulous novel in Loch Doom, you also get these great features: * Read the book anywhere, anytime on your device * Several font size options to make reading easier * Place markers so you can pick up where you left off * Quickly switch/flip between all the pages * Book trailer lets you preview the exciting story in video form * Read a paragraph about the author * Facebook and Twitter the author * Access to the web Can’t stand the suspense any longer? Want to know what happens? Quickly download Loch Doom right now and find out how the story ends. See this App in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR1ujqgcE5k


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Version: 1.3.

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Price: 1,79 €

Developed by Javier González

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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