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info@locustec.com Locus eWell: Application for Field Environmental Mobile Data Collections System Requirements: -OS 5.1 or higher -User Account and ...

Discontinued App


info@locustec.com Locus eWell: Application for Field Environmental Mobile Data Collections System Requirements: -OS 5.1 or higher -User Account and Permissions to Locus EIM System Disclaimer: Please note that Locus eWell works only in conjunction with Locus’ EIM system, a SaaS-based environmental information management system. You must already have an EIM account with Locus so that your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device can connect to the eWell server within EIM, which is necessary for eWell to work. Locus will not be able to refund your purchase if you buy eWell for reviewing without EIM. For more information, before downloading, please contact Locus at info@locustec.com Description: eWell for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch consists of two linked components: the mobile application itself, and Locus’ Environmental Information Management™ (EIM) web-based application. Data provisioning setup is performed in EIM and data is collected using the mobile device. Once data is collected, it is wirelessly transmitted to EIM for review and reporting. Using EIM, eWell users can map the routes for checking a series of wells or locations that need to be sampled, and/or those that need water levels and other field parameters measured. Users can download these routes to the mobile device, along with selected historical environmental data on their wells, for use in the field for real-time validation and QA/QC of collected data. Once downloaded to eWell, the routes and well locations can be seen and accessed directly from a map interface within the eWell application. 

Once in the field, customers can use their iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPads to record water levels, pH, turbidity, and other environmental readings, as well as to compare current and past readings. Where Wi-Fi coverage is available, data collected in the field uploads to EIM after the upload option is selected. Where access is unavailable, data is saved automatically, and can then be uploaded when coverage becomes available. eWell completely streamlines the data upload and download processes, eliminating any steps that require equipment synchronization. 

eWell offers a powerful mobile application that eliminates duplicate input, reduces transcription time, performs data checks and validation at dataset upload. 
Once in EIM’s data review tables, users can review uploaded data for accuracy and completeness. After completing all data validation checks, field readings are moved to live EIM for reporting and other project uses. EIM is part of Locus’ SaaS platform. As is the case for all other applications that Locus has pioneered over the last decade, eWell is designed to lower a company’s environmental expenditures while improving data quality. About Locus Technologies: Locus provides businesses with the power to be green on demand and has pioneered web-based environmental software suites. Locus' software enables companies to organize and validate all key environmental information in a single system, which includes analytical data for water, air, soil, greenhouse gases, sustainability, energy, compliance, and environmental content. Locus software is delivered through Cloud computing (SaaS), so there is no hardware to procure, no large up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups. Locus also offers services to help implement and maintain environmental programs using our unique technologies.


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Version: 1.3.1

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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