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CREATE DESIGN or LOGO for icons, website design, design facebook page, wallpapers, business cards, website, business, product, organization, blog, presentation ...

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CREATE DESIGN or LOGO for icons, website design, design facebook page, wallpapers, business cards, website, business, product, organization, blog, presentation or pretty much anything that needs design! FEATURES: Some of Tools in app: Overview menu , Background picker, Layers menu, import designs, Import maps - Import standard/hybrid/satellite map of desired location, Vector tool, Transparency menu, Primary/Secondary color menus... - Import from your photo library, import maps (type addresses) - Choose from our huge collection of premade vectors - Share or save your logos via Facebook,twitter,email - Choose from our huge library of logos and fonts - Choose from big collection of colors - Thousands of possible combinations - Universal: iPod, iPhone and iPad app - All royalty free for personal or commercial use. Do whatever you want to do with designs/logos made in our app! Instructions: 1) When you start your app you will see "Templates". When you use it for the first time, there won't be any, but as you create them, you will be able to see them in preview. They will be saved in your app for later use/edit. 2) When you start to create your design, you already have a huge library of pre-made designs and you just need to click on "Pick image" menu and you'll see a preview them. Pick desired picture and then set your desired size. 3) If you want to import pictures from your iPhone/iPad library, click on "Import" button and then choose "Import Photo" and then simply pick desired picture. 4) For importing maps you can go to "Import" button and choose "Import maps". Next you set desired location and then you choose type of map (Standard/Satellite/Hybrid). 5) You can separate your design into layers, you can easily add other layers and modify them in "layer menu". You can change name, transparency and visibility of each layer. "Layer menu" is located in the bottom right corner. 6) If you made mistakes while creating your design, you can easily use Undo/Redo buttons to go back or forward to correct your design (it allows you to go back or forward with your actions as far as you need). 7) Use "Designs/Brushes" tool to create your unique design. This tool allows you to pick pre-made designs, objects, brushes and logos so you can easily create desired image. You can change its color, size and transparency. "Designs/Brushes" has a shortcut button on the bottom bar. 8) To access settings for your tools, go to "Tool settings" menu located in the bottom left corner. In this menu you can get everything you desire from color, size and transparency to tools like brushes, pen, eraser, fill, rectangle, ellipse, text tool, etc. 9) If you want to change your tool just click on "Tool menu" and pick desired tool. 10) If you're not satisfied with color of your tool, you can easily change it to your desired color by choosing your primary and secondary colors. Pick your color using "Color Wheel". 11) For changing between your primary and secondary colors just click on 'swap'. 12) You can see which font is currently active in "Font settings" menu. Here you can change font size. For changing font just click on "change font" button and pick your desired font from a huge library of fonts. 13) When you finish your project/design, you can easily send it to anyone using email or publish it on social networks or just save it on your device using "Export" button. 14) If you're not finished with your project and you want to take a break, just save it in your app using "Save" button and this design will be available in your app for future editing located in preview (Home) menu. These designs are stored locally on your device so only you can access them from app. 15) When you load your unfinished project from "Home" menu, settings that you made in the past will not be lost and you can simply continue working on your project. LAST UPDATE: - aded around 1000 font styles - new vectors/premade graphics - premade backgrounds - improved UI


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