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I developed LogoPlus with one clear goal in mind: I want to educate and inspire the next generation of software engineers in the same way I was educated ...

Discontinued App


I developed LogoPlus with one clear goal in mind: I want to educate and inspire the next generation of software engineers in the same way I was educated and inspired in my youth. Writing Logo programs give young minds the opportunity to explore procedural programming, graphics, algebra and geometry; and have so much fun they don't realize that they're actually learning something useful. • Easy to use — Simple and intuitive interface Tap, swipe, pinch and shake - this app works exactly the way you would expect a proper iOS app to work. You can even rotate your iOS device to the orientation that works best for you. • Powerful — Supports user-defined functions and recursion User-defined functions allow you to simplify your code by refactoring common operations (such as drawing a geometric shape) into reusable chunks. Full support for true recursion means that you can draw complex objects including fractals with ease. • Universal app — Supports both iPhone and iPad You won't get left out no matter which iOS device you use. All screen orientations and resolutions are supported on all iOS devices. • iCloud integration — Share your documents across all your devices If you have chosen to enable iCloud on your iOS device then your LogoPlus documents are automatically stored in iCloud and therefore are instantly shared across all of your devices. In the event that you make conflicting changes to a document on more than one device, an unobtrusive notification will show up allowing you to resolve the conflict at your convenience. • Real program editor — No obfuscated interfaces here - copy and paste code samples from any source Edit your LogoPlus programs using the built-in text editor. Copy, paste and shake to undo are all supported. • High-resolution drawing — OpenGL vector graphics support infinite resolution You can zoom in to see the smallest geometric detail or zoom out to see the big picture. Zooming, panning and double-tap are fully supported, even while your program is still running. • Built-in help — Detailed help available at your fingertips LogoPlus includes comprehensive and detailed help built-in so you can always get the help you need, whether you have a network connection or not. • Samples included — Includes useful sample programs to get you started Hit the ground running with great sample programs that demonstrate features such as turtle drawing, repeat loops, random numbers, user-defined functions and recursion.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 1.11 MB


Price: 4,80 €

Developed by Ben Martz

Day of release: 2011-10-22

Recommended age: 4+

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