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London Sessions [HD] with Brett Florens

A three-day London Wedding Photography Masterclass Workshop held by Nikon Pro Brett Florens, regarded by Nikon as one of the world's most influential ...

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A three-day London Wedding Photography Masterclass Workshop held by Nikon Pro Brett Florens, regarded by Nikon as one of the world's most influential photographers. Brett shares secrets about how he has managed to sustain a successful Wedding Photography business. You'll get proven strategies on everything from marketing, pricing, strategic pricing, strategic advertising, how to get clients, how to work with your clients, right to how to get your work published. Included in the series are two live shoots - an "Engagement Session" as well as a real-time "Wedding" that finishes off with a spectacular evening shoot, all interspersed, with the actual photographic results. Brett shows you how he deals with timings and other pressures, as well as giving you valuable insight into lighting, composition and creativity. If you want to seriously raise the bar in your own photography business, this information and resources will teach, inspire and provide you tools to better manage your business. Application Features: - On-the-go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching anywhere. - Chapter driven and Interactive search to find sections quickly. - Gallery Feature includes Sessions Photographs with pinch and zoom. - 50 Crib Posing Cards to refer to and show clients. - Grey Cards. - Note taking. Chapters Include: Day 1 - Objectives of the workshop - Who Brett Florens is. - What I shoot and my vision for the future. - What makes a successful Photographer? - Basic Kit Requirements - Bags - Camera - Lenses - Lighting - Lighting Demonstration - Back up devices - Media cards - Tripods - Creating Great images - Exposure - Composition - Timing - Marketing for the Wedding Photographer - Marketing to the Industry - Marketing to the Bride - Print Media - Bridal shows - Pricing - Terms and conditions - Contracts and Payment - Contact from potential client - Telephonic contact from client - Email contact from Client - Pre-Wedding meeting - Listen and Engage - Viewing your portfolio - Inspiration - Peripheral sales - Managing your client’s expectations - Building your portfolio if you haven’t shot many weddings - Perfect Weekend - Spin off from being a wedding photographer - Engagement session (Practical) - In the coffee shop (Practical) - Street scene (Practical) - Summary of purpose of the shoot - London Eye - Using flash as primary light source. - Available light with reflector Day 2 - Observing light - Backlighting - Getting recognized in the industry - Getting your work published - Shooting the wedding - Starting with the groom - Photographing the Bride - The ceremony - AF-on Focusing technique - Photographing the Bridal Party - Photographing the couple - Reception - Lighting - White Balance - Grey Cards - Different types of light - Available light overview - Artificial light overview - Mixed light overview - Finding light to work with - Available light samples - Artificial light sources - Creative lighting system - Off Camera strobes - Mixed lighting sample - Strobe lighting sample - The Wedding Shoot - Arriving at the Bride - Interview with Make-up Artist Antonia - Evaluating the light - Starting to shoot details - Shooting the dress - Shooting bridal preparation - Bridal Portraits Industrial - Bridal Portraits Staircase - Interviews with attendees - Arriving at the Church - Waiting Groom - Here comes the Bride - Vows - Exchanging of Rings - Shot from the back of the church - Bride and Groom leaving the Church - Bride and Groom formal Portrait - Freestyle session - Shooting the Money Shot! - First dance - Night shoot Day 3 - Post Production Process - Backing up - Renaming - Disc only option - Choosing the images for the clients - Touch-ups - The Grey Card in Post Production - Inspiration - Raw vs Jpeg - Nik Software - Printing your images - Relationship with your pro-lab - Post wedding shoot - Reprints - Parent’s Albums - Samples of post wedding images - Perfect Weekend - Closure


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