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Love to Count by Pirate Trio

*** 2012 Parents` Choice Award winner - Parents` Choice Foundation Welcome to Love to Count (4+) by Pirate Trio: - 700 maths tasks - ...

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*** 2012 Parents’ Choice Award winner - Parents’ Choice Foundation Welcome to Love to Count (4+) by Pirate Trio: - 700 maths tasks - introducing & practicing counting, adding, subtracting and ordering - motivating and engaging reward system ... all in the stimulating and fun world of pirates! _______________________________________________ "The genius idea behind LOVE TO COUNT BY PIRATE TRIO is that even young kids need to know why math is relevant to everyday life in order to be motivated to learn how to use numbers." / Educational value 5/5 -- Common Sense Media "Applicable2U was amazed at the number of mathematical skills that are reinforced as your son/daughter or student(s) are playing in the land of pirates." -- Andrea Gardner, Applicable2U "Love to Count is tops!" -- LunchBox Reviews "This app contains a true wealth of activities, making it equivalent to a beautiful, interactive app workbook for late kindergarten and grade one. The gameplay is fascinating to children even while all of the activities are directly educational." -- Apps for Homeschooling "Each problem is presented as a fun, interactive activity." -- Iphone Mom _______________________________________________ Love to Count (4+) by Pirate Trio is an educational application for the iPhone and iPad, designed for children aged from 4 to 7. Aimed at introducing maths to your child as an enjoyable and rewarding activity, this app creatively demonstrates the idea of numbers being the indicators of order, time, weight and quantity, enhancing their natural urge to find order in the world of numbers and shapes. Love to Count by Pirate Trio helps teach and perfect such skills as: - knowing the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10 - counting up and down - understanding the relationship between numbers (1,2,3…) and ordinals (first, second, third…) - adding and subtracting - making 10 - learning halves, quarters and thirds; recognition of symmetrical division - recognizing left from right. Parents are provided with a tracking screen which is helpful for evaluating child’s progress. The logging system allows the app to be used by more than 1 child without loosing their scores and rewards given for correct answers. Love to Count by Pirate Trio aims to encourage your child to discover and understand maths, rather than learn it by heart. Solving these logical puzzles will play an important part in your child's development and help build their confidence at this early stage of schooling. _______________________________________________ Pirate Trio takes children's privacy very seriously: * we do not collect or share any data * the app doesn't contain any adds * the app doesn't contain any in-app purchase * the app doesn't contain any social media buttons nor social media integration * the app contains external links to our other apps


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