Luca Lashes The Brown-Eyed Boy with Magic Eyelashes

Winner of the Cynopsis Kids !magination Award – Honorable mention Discover the world of children’s first experiences with Luca Lashes! This app is a ...

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Winner of the Cynopsis Kids !magination Award – Honorable mention Discover the world of children’s first experiences with Luca Lashes! This app is a multilingual, educational, interactive and audio short story. It begins the award-winning Luca Lashes series about children encountering experiences for the first time. It is available in Chinese, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. This first app in the series is a brief introduction of the character Luca Lashes—the brown-eyed boy with the magic eyelashes. The series follows Luca as he discovers the world around him and experiences his “firsts” in life. The app features interactivity (touch, sight and sound), suggestions for parents, and a relatable character. Real sounds associated with each “first” bring these experiences to life. The author wrote the story for children four and under. To encourage children to become multilingual, each story can be read in one of five languages. Read it in English—then switch to Chinese! To help young children learn to read, individual words are highlighted as the story is narrated. Luca Lashes promotes early childhood reading by combining original text with terrific artwork and audio narration. Each part provides entertainment and interactive learning opportunities. It is never too early to fall in love with language! Additional features •Multilingual audio narration (Chinese, English, French, Italian and Spanish) •Fun and engaging interactive sound effects •Partial animation •“Read to me” or “By myself” options •Original music for each story •Screen Tilt Animation •Changeable font sizes •Artwork with life-like dimensions •Universal App optimized for Retina displays and the iPad •Words highlighted as they are spoken •Beautifully hand drawn illustrations What Readers are Saying About Luca Lashes “The app features beautiful hand drawn illustrations, with interactive elements and animations on all pages. The text is written in an easy-to-follow rhyming format. To promote reading at an early age, the app also features highlighted text. At the end of each story in the series there’s a parent’s section that provides guidance with the child’s first encounters. Luca Lashes: The Brown-Eyed Boy is a our pick for today’s Best Free App of the Day on Android.” – Top Kids Apps, June 2013 “Luca Lashes The Brown-Eyed Boy with Magic Eyelashes is a nice story about how Lucas' magic eyelashes help him to overcome his fear. I think all children should have something magic to help them overcome their fears. The illustrations are beautiful and help to tell the story.” – Sharon, AppyMall, 5/1/13 “This is a great kids book, that gives kids a tool of their own to handle scary and new situations. By giving kids a tool that they can control this will help easy them in scary situations. The pictures are great, the story is easy for a younger child to understand and to relate to. I recommend this book for anyone with younger kids, especially if those kids are shy and scare easily.” – Tracy’s Nook, 5/31/12 "The books are very well put-together - the illustrations are adorable and I like that there are interactive features. I also love the bonus parent tips, since sometimes it can be hard to know what the best way to approach a child's fear is." — Bekah, Motherhood Moment, 5/8/12 “Luca Lashes is an innovative, fun, and exciting activity. It provides an incredible bonding experience for young families.” — Scott A. Irwin, M.D., Ph.D., 3/30/12 Follow Us Facebook at Twitter at LinkedIn at Luca Lashes Blog at YouTube at See our Electronic Press Kit at:


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Version: 1.2

Size: 72.4 MB


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Developed by Luca Lashes LLC

Day of release: 2011-12-21

Recommended age: 4+

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