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Lulu Tree

Nanny Lulu presents all children with the wonders of the four seasons. Nanny Lulu`s narration, and the graphically created magical effects, will ...

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Nanny Lulu presents all children with the wonders of the four seasons. Nanny Lulu’s narration, and the graphically created magical effects, will instill enthusiasm and passion within a child. Nature will be seen as a magical show, unmissable and irreplaceable for your children who have a right to learn about the seasons and experience the thrill of making simple - but not trivial - discoveries. === THE GAME === The educational and teaching objectives of this game are: * to actively observe (interacting personally with Nanny Lulu) the transformations of a tree throughout the seasons * to understand nature as a source of pleasant and positive feelings and develop a respectful approach for natural resources * to recognize the four seasons * to enrich the lexicon, with the understanding of new vocabulary, embodied in a definite and clear context * to strengthen self-esteem, thanks to emphasized expressions of encouragement, trust, and praise (continuous positive reinforcement in order to make learning clear) * to improve fine motor skills (finger use and hand-eye coordination) * to hone social skills, following Nanny Lulu’s positive example (who is always so peaceful and loving with the child, using a soft tone of voice) * to enhance intuition, allowing the development of cognitive abilities, through personal discovery of the next steps to follow (therefore the presence of an adult near the child must be very discreet, intervening only when they do not manage to overcome the obstacle on their own) === PARENT PARTICIPATION === In the child’s early years, one can offer (primarily through active play) highly qualified opportunities to positively affect their existential journey. The child slowly absorbs everything around them: words, sounds, images, colors, facial expressions, sounds, noises. We as parents and educators must strive to develop the child’s great potential, if and only if we can enable consistent experiences and adequate stimuli around them. All the children of the world should have the right to fully develop the wonders hibernating within them. The adult role is crucial to ensuring the growth of talents already harboured within your children. Children in front of the season tree game should try to respond independently to the information provided by Nanny Lulu. Adults should limit themselves to observing, pointing out key elements to the child (such as “bud”, “branches”, “peach”). After several unsuccessful attempts, during the game, the adult can intervene to facilitate the clear learning of concepts related to the cyclical nature of time. Later on, it will be useful to collect two small dry branches to cross and tie with a thread. At the end of each branch, a thread is attached to a tree, which the child, with the help of the adult, will have embellished, respecting the characteristics of each season. For example, the winter tree will be barren, with small buds drawn, the spring tree can be embellished with paper flowers and leaves, to be applied on the branches, and so on. This simple task will give your child the chance to consolidate the knowledge learned during the Nanny Lulu game. === NANNY LULU === Nanny Lulu is primarily the mother of a wonderful creature. My extensive professional background and culture precedes the immense and precious gift of being a parent. I have always cultivated the hope and sincere desire, as an educational psychologist, to share my skills with as many parents-educators as possible. Every parent should be guided in this fundamental process in order to ensure the best educational care of their children. Now that I know in depth the delicate and beautiful role of being the mother of a child to care for, in harmony with my husband and our team (parents themselves), we would like to offer to many children a wide range of splendid opportunities for a better life and for the development of a society founded on maximum respect for oneself and one's neighbor.


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