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Luxury Connected: the first network for luxury watch and jewellery professionals All retailers - authorised dealers - of major watch brands have experienced ...

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Luxury Connected: the first network for luxury watch and jewellery professionals All retailers - authorised dealers - of major watch brands have experienced this… A customer is looking for a specific brand and model of luxury watch. He goes to a shop - authorised dealer of the brand - but unfortunately the watch is not in stock, and the supplier when contacted replies that delivery will take a few weeks, a few months, or even that the model is simply unavailable. The dealer then attempts to contact two or three other authorised dealers, but to no avail. They don't have that model in stock either. The end result: The search stops here and the customer will either postpone his purchase or buy from a competitor. Worse yet, he might never come back to that shop … - Our answer: Luxury Connected Thanks to the Luxury Connected network, this dealer can reach, in only a few seconds, all the authorised dealers in Europe. By activating the Luxury Connected network from its smartphone application or the Internet, a dealer has 300 times more chances of finding the model requested by the customer, with guaranteed delivery within 48 hours. Luxury Connected also allows a shop to receive requests from other retailers -authorised dealers - of the brands concerned. Luxury Connected is intended for the upscale jewellery and luxury watch market, as well as the diamond trade. - Working together… The Luxury Connected project originates from several years of studying the purchasing behaviour of customers in the luxury industry. We have analysed the behaviour of luxury watch buyers and detected dissatisfaction, even frustration in many of them when their impulse to buy leads to waiting, often too long… Our goal is to prevent customer frustration by bringing together luxury professionals through the Luxury Connected network. Facilitating instant response to customer requests, optimising shop sales, making the luxury watch market that the authorised dealers represent more responsive, these are the aims of the Luxury Connected network. - Who benefits? The authorised dealer and his customer … Thanks to the Luxury Connected network, the authorised dealer finds the desired watch model immediately, by simply posting a request to fellow dealers! Alternatively, a dealer can answer requests from other authorised dealers in the network. Luxury Connected will thus considerably improve a shop's recognition and increase its potential to gain new customers. - Secure network, continuous service Luxury Connected offers continuous, professional service in a simple, structured, and fully secured environment. Online assistance is provided daily to optimise the relationship with our clients. The Luxury Connected network operates with an annual subscription fee. - Complete transparency for all brands The network is only available to authorised dealers, after verification with the watch brands concerned. So only an authorised dealer of a brand such as Rolex, Cartier, Hublot… will be allowed to post a request on the Luxury Connected network, or receive a request for that brand. The Luxury Connected network is a tool to optimise and provide assistance with sales, and it relies on the code of ethics for authorised dealers in the field of luxury watches. The Luxury Connected network's only concern is to increase sales for its members. Any brand represented in the Luxury Connected network can at any time verify all the information pertaining to its authorised dealers in the network. A B2B application created by the noosphere -


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Day of release: 2012-03-8

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