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現今資訊科技,有效管理您çš„投資。 å…·é«â€åŠŸèƒ½å¦‚下: 1. ...

Discontinued App


現今資訊科技,有效管理您çš„投資。 å…·é«â€åŠŸèƒ½å¦‚下: 1. 實時行情報價 - 以最ç°¡æ½â€æ¸…晰版面顯示您所選取的ç•品組合及實時行情報價 2. 下單交易 - 手機快速下單交易,把握每個機會 3. 客戶持倉 - 顯示實時客戶投資組合持倉及總值 4. 環球品種盡掌握 - 透過這單一手機系統,接通全球各地主要期貨市場 (HKEx, CME, LIFFE, LME, ICE, SGX ç­‰) 當中提供交易的合ç´„品種包括各大環球指數、金屬、農ç•品、外匯 5. 與桌面電腦交易系統同步 - 任何時候透過手機系統、桌面交易系統交易,所有下單及持倉狀況實時同步 有關開立帳戶或其ä»–查詢,歡迎瀏覽本公司網ç«™ www.misl.com.hk 或致電本公司客戶服務熱ç·š 852-3750-8898 查詢. Proudly presented and launched by Marigold International Securities Limited ("MISL), the smart phone futures trading system “MG Futures” offers you the platform accessing real-time quotation and puting trade orders. Lets catch up with the global investment market and manage your portfolio effectively using nowadays advance mobile technology. Here is what the application does: 1. Real-time price information: A most clearly and user-friendly interface customising your own contract portfolio with real-time quotation. 2. Order placing: Catch your every profiting chance using your handy smart phone. 3. Client holding information: Your portfolio holding is shown with real-time market value. 4. Trade globally: You are connecting to every global major futures market (e.g. HKEx, CME, LIFFE, LME, ICE, SGX) with various categories: equity indices, metals, agriculture, FX, etc. 5. What you do here is what you do on your desktop account: All your order and holding status is synchronized between smart phone system and desktop system. Welcome to visit our website www.misl.com.hk or give us a call (852-3750-8898) for enquiries.


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