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Law anywhere, anytime…be it your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or mobile. There are 1142 Bare Acts/Central Acts in India which have been formulated, ...

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Law anywhere, anytime…be it your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or mobile. There are 1142 Bare Acts/Central Acts in India which have been formulated, accepted and put into effect from 1836 starting with the Bengal Districts Act in India. Some of these have ceased to be in effect or are not used regularly but most of these acts play in important role in the legal domain and judiciary in India. As these Acts constitute the laws of the land it is evident that first & foremost, this information is of immediate & recurring need for the lawyers, advocates, judges and other members constituting the judiciary. A sub-group in the legal fraternity comprises the law students whose requirements are as rapid & recurring as their seniors who practice. Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Income Tax practitioners, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Professionals etc., are a significant populace who need access to these Acts. With the internet powering the world as it is today there are a lot of individuals, organisations, institution’s etc. that also refer to these acts on the web or mobile. And now for the first time, India’s Central (Bare) Acts are available on the My Law Ally Indian Central Acts mobile application and ready to access and download. The mobile application on Play store will be a source for 1066 of the 1142 Acts and we will consistently fine-tune the app to deliver a hassle free experience to the users. The instantaneous dissemination of information is the key here. The information seeker may be a busy advocate in court wishing to quickly refer a law in between hearings, a student needing a reference check prior to an exam, a Company Secretary in the middle of an important board meeting, really just about anyone. All the user needs is a smart phone on which the My Law Ally Indian Central Acts mobile app has been downloaded. And the user is all set to refer to everything he needs. This just-in-time, synchronous learning/referencing makes for speedy yet informed decision-making and positively contributes to the quality of the exercise. Firstly, the user will have the laws literally at his or her fingertips whenever required. But what if the name of the law eludes the user? Not a problem. Just search for the law/s by using keywords and the app will bring up the results. Not just that. The user can also cross-reference different Acts. So it’s not just about putting up an encyclopedia of information to be pulled up at will, but also a guide to help the user actually find relevant information in those vast reserves, quickly & correctly in a matter of seconds. Download and register…. Download the My Law Ally Bare Acts mobile app. Then register yourself as a Lawyer, Student or a member of the General public. Check out the Acts directory. They are categorized by Alphabet and by Group. Right now you can download the following five Acts for free. The Constitution of India Civil Procedure Code (CPC) 1908 Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) 1973 The Evidence Act 1872 Indian Penal Code (IPC) 1860 The rest of Acts can be downloaded for a nominal cost per Act. We are planning different packs as well depending on the needs of a user. This activity is still ‘work-in-progress’ and will be ready by November 2013. We have made registration according to categories mandatory as we will launch a series of apps in the coming months focused on specific groups of users and the logins created here can be used for those as well. Key features: •Single sign on - Access and synchronize your data on all your devices •Extensive taxonomy based search facility for each act •Features like bookmarking and notes •Granular content structure enabling a lot of functions •Cross linking for easy references •Multiple window structure to facilitate ease of use •Copy and paste options section wise •Updates and enhancements as and when they come into effect and a lot more to come in the coming months…..


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