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MM Chinese Characters

--------------------------------------------------------- Chinese Characters Cards, the fastest Chinese learning tool. --------------------------------------------------------- [Highlights] 1) ...

Discontinued App


--------------------------------------------------------- Chinese Characters Cards, the fastest Chinese learning tool. --------------------------------------------------------- [Highlights] 1) The program tracks your progress and focuses attention on those questions causing difficulty while continuing to reinforce areas of strength. 2) 2 Applications in 1: Study Mode and Test Mode. There's nothing like a little competition (even against yourself) to help you memorize characters quickly. 3) It provides immediate feedback and allows you to visually observe when a question is answered incorrectly. 4) According to Hermann Ebbinghaus study on forgetting curve spaced repetition based on active recall is the best way to reduce the effects of the forgetting curve. To allow accelerated acquisition of prepared information new cards are introduced only as fast as old cards are learned. Information that is well understood quickly rises to the last deck, while cards that are less familiar are reviewed at more frequent spaced intervals. The spacing effect allows information to be reviewed at increasing time intervals to help you more easily remember what has been learned. 5) Individual Focus. You are actively involved in the study process new information is introduced only when you are ready to receive it and you can easily monitor you study progress. 6) Study alarm: reminds you when it is time to study.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 11.93 MB


Price: 0,90 €

Developed by Miracle Mandarin Chinese School

Day of release: 2012-11-6

Recommended age: 4+

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