MMSpeaker is an application which can help you speak Myanmar Language and pronounce Myanmar names when you type. Both Male (in Pro Ver) and Female speakers ...

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MMSpeaker is an application which can help you speak Myanmar Language and pronounce Myanmar names when you type. Both Male (in Pro Ver) and Female speakers are available. To support 27th SEA Games - Myanmar 2013, MMSpeakerLite Version is created. It consists of 4 categories (12 in Pro ver) which you need most to communicate with myanmar people when you visit to myanmar or talk with them. It is arranged in a way for you to tap easily and find them quickly.For instance, when you visit Myanmar restaurant, you can use this app starting from ordering to giving bill. Also, in case of emergency, if people couldn’t understand what you’re trying to say, you can use this app to call for help. Since it also provides simple Myanmar phonetic spellings ,you can learn and practice yourself. This app is a correct choice for tourists going to Myanmar. For business, if you need to pronounce Myanmar names correctly, you can use this app to learn. For instance,if you are MC for a ceremony and you don’t have Myanmar friend to teach you how to pronounce Myanmar names correctly, this app is an ultimate solution for you. All you need to do is type a myanmar name in English and tap. Features *It consists of 4 categories : Greetings, Numbers, Date and Time, Places and Directory. Restaurants, Shopping, Hotel Reservation, Health Matters, Emergency, Feeling Expression, Birthday, Weather are included in Pro Version. *When user shake the iPhone, it automatically play the sound that user click previously. *User can turn on the repeat mode and it will play repeatedly. It is useful for emergency case because user can just turn on that mode and wait for people to arrive (when user cannot click again and again) *It can speak with both male (in Pro Ver) and female voice. *Type Myanmar names in English and it will pronounce. *User can now search all words, phrases or sentences. *User can save the favourite sentence by pressing and holding the sentence. It can be removed by swiping the sentence in the favourite tab. *To listen correctly, the speech can be changed to be slow. Below feature is included in Pro Ver. *User can add the image from photo library and use to speak with image.For example, instead of saying " How can I go there", you can also use to display image (Eg. Shwe dagon pagoda) and speak myanmar language at the same time. Simply hold the English Sentence and choose "Load Image". Intended for - Tourist, Master of Ceremony, Myanmar Language Learner, Anyone who want to communicate with Myanmar People *** We also update the categories when users request. Don’t hesitate to drop an email. Contact Email :


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Version: 1.0

Size: 26.64 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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